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Dinner Mate (저녁 같이 드실래요?) Synopsis And Cast: K-Drama

Dinner Mate aka You Would Like to Have Dinner Together is the latest Korean drama which will air from May 25, 2020 on MBC television channel every Monday and Tuesday.

Starring the famous actor Song Seung-Heon. Surely many people already know him, because he often appears in popular dramas such as "Dr. Jin "," Black "and the last to appear on the series" The Great Show ".

In this series, he will portray the character of Kim Hae Kyung, a psychiatrist and food psychologist.

The drama that replaces the series "365: Repeat The Year" was adapted based on the webcomic "저녁 같이 드실래요? (Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo?)" by Park Shi-In and published from 5 November 2013 to 2 December 2014 through Daum Webtoon Company.

Beautiful actress Seo Ji-Hye got an offer of a female lead role that was previously offered to Shin Min-A earlier, but declined due to a busy schedule.

Seo Ji-Hye is an actress who plays Seo Dan in the drama Crash Landing on You. Director Ko Jae-Hyun who also worked with actor Song Seung Heon in the drama The Player will work on this latest Korean Drama.

Synopsis of Drama Dinner Mate

The drama "Would You Like To Have Dinner Together" tells the story of a man and woman lining up at a restaurant to eat. They are mistaken for a couple and end up having dinner together.

Dinner Mate Korean Drama
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After their first unexpected meeting, they meet and have dinner together every week. They know each other through dinner.

That is the way they started an unusual friendship. Meet only when eating out, they begin to open up to each other. Until finally they both got closer.

Detail of Dinner Mate 

Title: Dinner Mate / Would You Like To Have Dinner Together / 저녁 같이 드실 래요 / Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Director: Ko Jae-Hyun
Screenwriter: Park Shi-in (webcomic), Kim Joo
Producer: -
Production House: Victory Content
Number of Episodes: 32
TV station: MBC
Airing Period: May 25 2020 - July 14 2020
Showtimes: Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 KST

Cast of Dinner Mate

Song Seung-Heon as Kim Hae-Kyung
Seo Ji-Hye as Woo Do-Hee
Lee Ji-Hoon as Jung Jae-Hyeok
Son Na-Eun as Jin No-Eul
Ko Kyu-Pil as Park Jin-Kyu
Park Ho-San as Keanu
Ye Ji-Won as Nam A-Young
Lee Hyun-Jin as Kang Gun-Woo
Ahn Tae-Hwan as Kim Jung-Hwan
Kim Seo-Kyung as Lee Byeong-Jin
Jeon Guk-Hyang as Lee Moon-Jung
Oh Hye-Won as Im So-Ra
Jung Eun-Pyo as Woo In-Ho
Yoon Bok-in as Jeon Sung-Ja
Kwak Soo-Jung as the Innkeeper
Kim Jung-Hyun as Young-Dong (cameo)
Jung Sang-Hoon as ER doctor (cameo)

Official Website: MBC Tv

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