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King Maker The Change of Destiny (바람과 구름과 비): Korean Drama

"King Maker The Change of Destiny" (바람과 구름과 비) also known as "Wind and Cloud and Rain" is the latest Korean drama that will air on Chosun and iQIYI TV channels starting May 17, 2020.

This drama is about a story set in a fierce struggle for the struggle for the Joseon throne. The story displays a mixture of fictional characters and real historical characters.

Adapted based on "Baramgwa Gooreumgwa Bi" by Lee Byung-Joo and was first published from 1977 to 1987 in The Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

Famous actor Park Si-Hoo who has starred in the drama series "My Golden Life" became the main player. For female characters, there is Ko Sung-Hee, who starred in So Yeon in the drama My Holo Love.

Besides them both the drama also stars Sung Hyuk, Jeon Kwang-Leol, Park Jung-Yeon, Eru and Yoon Ah-Jung.

The Korean series is produced by Yun Sang-Ho from the series "Different Dreams" and will have 24 episodes which air every Sunday at 10.50 tonight.

The talk about Korean Drama has been around since 2017 and even then the actor Song Seung-Heon got the offer of the lead role, but declined because of the schedule. But only in 2020, production begins.

Synopsis of King Maker: The Change of Destiny

Choi Chun-Joong played by Park Si-Hoo is the best face reader of others in his country. He was born into a prestigious family, but at that time all his family were killed. Many people consider him to be a lowly fortune-teller, but Choi Chun-Joong ended up being the most powerful person in Joseon country.

King Maker: The Change of Destiny
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Choi Chun-Joong is aware of the fate of the nation of Joseon and tries to try to change everything. Not only that, he also devoted his life to the figure of the woman he loved.

Lee Bong-Ryeon, played by Ko Sung-Hee, is a beautiful princess and son of King Cheoljong. Lee Bong-Ryeon has the ability to be able to see the fate of others.

His special ability is sometimes considered a curse for him. One day he met Choi Chun-Joong and tried to change the life and fate of the Joseon dynasty for the better. Will the end of the story both of them succeed in realizing the dream?

Detail of King Maker: The Change of Destiny

Title: King Maker: The Change of Destiny / Wind and Cloud and Rain / 바람 과 구름 과 비 / Baramgwa Gooreumgwa Bi
Genres: Drama, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: South Korea
Director: Yun Sang-Ho
Producer: -
Scriptwriter: Lee Byung-Joo (novel), Bang Ji-Young
Production House: Victory Contents, HIGROUND
TV channel: TV Chosun, iQIYI
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: May 17, 2020 - October 25, 2020
Showtimes: Every Sunday at 22.50 KST

Cast of King Maker: The Change of Destiny

Park Si-Hoo as Choi Chun-Joong
Ko Sung-Hee as Lee Bong-Ryeon
Jeon Kwang-Leol as Heungseon Daewongun/ Lee Ha Eung
Sung Hyuk as Chae In-Kyu
Park Jung-Yeon as Empress Myeongseong
Yoon Ah-Jung as Na-Hab
Kim Seung-Su as Kim Byeong-Woon
Eru as Lee Ha Jeon
Noh Hyung-Ok as Paeng Goo-Cheol
Kim Bo-Yeon as Queen of Shinjung
Cha Kwang-Soo as Kim Jwa-Geun
Kim Joo-Ryung as the restaurant owner
Jung Wook as the King of Cheoljong
Lim Hyoun-Soo as Yeon Chi-Sung
Jo Bok-Rae as Yong Pal-Ryong
Park Sang-Hoon as King Gojong
Han Dong Gyu as Jin Sang
Kang Da Eun as Song Wa
Wang Bit-Na as Ban-Dal
Son Deok Ki
Choi Jung Woo
Noh Hyung Wook
Son Woo-Hyuk

Official Website: iQiyi

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