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Mom Has an Affair (엄마 가 바람 났다): Korean Drama

Mom Has an Affair (엄마 가 바람 났다) is a Korean family melodrama that airs from May 4, 2020, on the SBS television channel, every Monday to Friday.

The story tells of the struggle of a single mother who is raising two children. Produced by Ko Heung-Sik from the drama "Happy Sisters" and "My Mother Is a Daughter-In-Law".

The drama will have 120 episodes and stars Hyun Jyu-Ni, Lee Jae-Hwang who has played in the Korean drama "Temptation of Wife", Moon Bo-Ryung, child artist Gil Jung-Woo and Hong Je-Yi.

Synopsis of Mom Has an Affair

Pil-Jung, played by Hyun Jyu-Ni, has been caring for her younger sister since her mother died and her father left home.

Her dream is very simple, She wants to live an ordinary life including being a sports teacher, marrying a good man and having children.

Mom Has an Affair Synopsis
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Pil-Jung's life changed when she married Tae-Sub played by Kang Seo-Joon. He already has a son named Min-Ho (Gil Jung-Woo).

Tae Sub also went bankrupt and became a new problem. But Pil-Jung remained enthusiastic and struggled to find a way out of her problem.

Unexpectedly, one day Tae-Sub just suddenly died and left her. After 7 years, Pil-Jung is now busy with odd jobs and she also supports her son Min-Ho and her daughter named Min-Ji (Hong Je-Yi).

Even as a single mother, she lives the present reality of life with pleasure. But her two children just want to have a father who is rich and also cool. What is the decision of Pil-Sung next?

Details of Mom Has an Affair

Title: Mom Has an Affair / 엄마 가 바람 났다 / Eommaga Baramnadda
Genre: Drama, Family
Country: South Korea
Director: Ko Heung-Sik
Screenwriter: Ahn Seo-Jung
Producer: Hong Sung Chang, Kim Yong Jin, Son Jae Sung
Production House: Studio S, Mega Monster
Number of Episodes: 120
TV station: SBS TV
Airing Period: May 4, 2020
Showtimes: Every Monday - Friday at 08:40 KST

Cast of Mom Has an Affair

Hyun Jyu-Ni as Oh Pil-Jung
Lee Jae-Hwang as Kang Seok-Joon
Moon Bo-Ryung as Lee Eun-Joo
Kim Hyeong-Beom as Kang Seok-Hwan
Nam I-An as Oh Soon-Jung
Park Sun-Cheon as Kim Bok-Soon
Gil Jung-Woo as Park Min-Ho
Hong Je-Yi as Park Min-Ji
Yang Geum-seok as Kim Hae-Jung
Lee Won-Jae as Kang Tae-Soo
Seo Hyun-Suk as Lee Tae-Woo
Kim Dong-gyun as Choi Dong-seok
Lee Jin-A as Choi Eun-Ja
Lee Young-Eun as Choi Yoo-Kyung
Jeon Eun-Chae as Choi Mi-Young
Cha Seung-Woo as Wang Ki-Beom
Kim Young-Hoon as Ha Yeol-Do
No Jung-Myung as Hong Soo-Kyung

Official Website: SBS TV

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