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The Last 16th Episode of The World of the Married

How does the ending of the Oh Tae Story, Are all the characters in this film finally decided to start a new life.

The South Korean Drama series "The World of Married" ends in the 16th episode airing today. Ye Rim and Hye Jyuk, who originally decided to reconcile, finally decided to separate again. That was because Ye Rim always felt insecure and continued to worry that he would be betrayed again.

Finally he claimed not to be happy with their reconciliation and finally it was decided that separation was the best way. Meanwhile, Da Kyung, who left Gosan with his family, is the manager of one of his new art galleries. But it seems he is still traumatized in a relationship and trying to stay away from the man who tried to approach him.

The Last episode of The World of the Married
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On the other hand, the main conflict between Ji Sun Woo and Tae Oh does not seem to subside. After an attempt to "kidnap" Joon Young from his house, Tae Oh finally asks Sun Woo and his son to take it back. Joon Young immediately rejects it, while Sun Woo, who still loves Tae Oh, has doubts. Dramatic events arise when Sun Woo and Joon Young's refusal makes Tae Oh almost hit by a truck.

Sun Woo is then seen melting at Tae Oh, who makes Joon Young upset and runs away from his house for over a year. When Joon Young left, Sun Woo returned to work at the Family Affection Hospital and Tae Oh tried to find a job for himself as a screenwriter. The two are not back together.

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