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The World of the Married (부부의 세계): Korean Drama

The World of the Married (부부의 세계) , for those of you who enjoy Korean drama with an affair theme. Here are the synopsis and the cast.

Currently this Korean drama is still on going or continuing. Airing every weekend, before watching it you can find out the synopsis first. This Korean drama drew the attention of many women. In fact, many claim to dislike Korean Drama but end up watching on this one series.

The theme of infidelity or cheating is indeed a hot topic among women. Especially if the story line is emotionally drained, the rating will continue to rise.

Reportedly The World of The Married which aired on JTBC competed fiercely with Korean Drama, starring Lee Min Ho ‘The King Eternal Monarch’ which aired on SBS.

Synopsis of The World of the Married

The World of the Married story revolves around the story of Ji Sun Woo. As a woman, Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) is quite successful in her work.

She holds the position of director of the family hospital association in Gosan, has a house, a handsome husband and a talented son. Sun Woo considers her life to be perfect until one day her husband, Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) is caught having an affair.

The secret was revealed when Sun Woo unpacked her husband's car trunk and found a cellphone with a photo wallpaper of a woman named Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee).

The World of the Married
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Burned with curiosity, Sun Woo opened the gallery, there were a number of photos where her friends traveled together. Everyone she knows knows Tae Oh's affair and kept it a secret from him.

The story of The World of the Married also discusses the affair that made Sun Woo lose her mind, because as far as she knows, their marriage is both fine and always intimate.

Doubt who to talk to, Sun Woo let herself be lulled by her own assumptions until she did not realize that all this time her friend in her office, Sul Myung Suk (Chae Gook Hee) was secretly spying on her to help Tae Oh keep secrets.

Ji Sun Woo's calm with an cheating husband
Women when they are jealous, tend to be sensitive and easily provoked emotions. But Sun Woo, with the remnants of his strength, forced himself to smile in front of everyone while secretly gathering evidence of an affair.

Not only that, Sun Woo consulted a divorce expert and used an accountant to investigate Tae Oh's financial status.

Tae Oh affair
The Story of The World of the Married is incomplete if it does not discuss Ji Sun Woo's husband who is having an affair. The entertainment company that Tae Oh runs is nothing more than an empty shell, busy with planning but can't calculate simple profits.

To Myung Suk, Tae Oh admitted he felt pressured when he was with Sun Woo, but his creativity flowed when he was with Da Kyung. Tae Oh has a dilemma for loving two women at once, but of course this cannot be accepted by Sun Woo because since he found out Da Kyung was pregnant, Sun Woo's marriage to Tae Oh was out of harmony again.

After the divorce is over, Sun Woo manages to defend the house and win the foster rights of his son, Lee Jun Young (Jeon Jin Seo). Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Tae Oh was temporarily arrested for violence. For a long time, Sun Woo enjoyed her solitude.

Tae Oh and Da Kyung's appearance
Tae Oh returns to Gosan with Da Kyung. They invited influential people in the area to attend the celebration party for the new house.

Apparently Tae Oh has successfully become a producer thanks to investment from in-laws. All guests talk about the past of Tae Oh who got married because of adultery, but the film 'Good Life' produced by Tae Oh was a huge success and seemed to make people able to take it back.

Meanwhile, Sun Woo often gets terror. A mysterious person deliberately broke the glass of his house, even attacking him when alone at home. Luckily, her neighbor, Ko Ye Rim (Park Sun Young) called the police because he felt threatened and a new psychiatrist, Kim Yoon Ki (Lee Moo Saeng) came because he was worried.

Thanks to money, Tae Oh can rebuild the trust of his son, Jun Young, so he wants to spend time with him. Feeling that his life was well off, Da Kyung began to feel that he didn't need to hate Jun Young or his mother.

Gosan Ladies' Association
Da Kyung visits Sun Woo by saying he wants to make peace because everything has ended. In the drama The World of the Married, it is said, unexpectedly, Sun Woo instead warns Da Kyung to find out what the true figure of Tae Oh really is.

There's no point in Sun Woo interfering with Da Kyung and Tae Oh's marriage. This is the reason Da Kyung wants to accept Sun Woo to join the Women's Association.

Upcoming changes to history
They routinely hold sports activities, go to the spa and eat together to talk about important things or just maintain good relations.

What exactly is the purpose of Sun Woo joining the ladies' association? Why did Tae Oh return to Gosan? If you are curious, the drama series The World of the Married can be watched through a legal streaming application every Friday and Saturday at 22.50 South Korean Time.

Cast of The World of the Married

Kim Hee-ae as Ji Sun-woo
Jung Ha-eun as teen Ji Sun-woo
Park Hae-joon as Lee Tae-oh
Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung
Park Sun-young as Go Ye-rim
Kim Young-min as Son Je-hyuk
Chae Gook-hee as Sul Myung-sook
Lee Geung-young as Yeo Byung-gyu
Kim Sun-kyung as Uhm Hyo-jung
Jeon Jin-seo as Lee Joon-young
Shim Eun-woo as Min Hyun-seo
People at Family Love Hospital
Lee Moo-saeng as Kim Yoon-ki
Park Choong-sun as Ma Kang-seok
Jung Jae-sung as Kong Ji-cheol
The head director of Family Love Hospital.
Kim Jong-tae as Ha Dong-sik
Kim Ha-neul as Nurse An
Yoon Dan-bi as Nurse Joo Hwa-ni
Lee Hak-joo as Park In-kyu
Jo Ah-ra as Jang Mi-yun

Official Website: JTBC

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