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Love Revolution (연애 혁명) Synopsis And Cast: Korean Drama

Love Revolution (연애 혁명) is the latest Korean web drama produced by Kakao M. This drama airs from September 1, 2020 on the Kakao M and iQiyi channels. This drama raises the Comedy, School, and Romance genres. Love Revolution was adapted based on the webtoon of the same name by 232 and was first published on Webtoon (Naver) in 2013. Starring Park Ji Hoon, Lee Ruby, Kim Young Hoon (The Boyz), Jung Da Eun, Im Da Young (WJSN), and much more. Park Ji Hoon is a former member of K-pop Wanna One. He previously starred in the Korean drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency.

Lee Ruby became the female lead actress. She is a rookie and made his debut as a special appearance in the drama series Memorist. The Korean drama Love Revolution (연애 혁명) became Young Hoon's first debut, The Boyz and Da Young (WJSN). This web drama will have 30 episodes and can be watched every Thursday on the iQiyi platform. Watch on iQIYI Premiere starts on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. The next episode will air on September 3, 2020 and will start airing every Thursday.

Synopsis of Love Revolution

The story is about the story of a 17 year old young man, he is Gong Joo Young (Park Ji Hoon), a high school student who has just moved to his new place. He is good friends with Lee Kyung Woo (Kim Young Hoon) and Kim Byung Hoon (Ko Chan Bin). The two of them also helped move things to Gong Joo Young's new residence. At the same time, Gong Joo Young saw a young and beautiful girl named Wang Ja Rim (Lee Ruby). She fell in love at first sight. The first day of school arrived, Gong Joo Young who was still sleeping was called by Lee Kyung Woo. This was the first time he was not awakened by his mother, because he lived alone in a rental house (boarding house boy). 

After being in a hurry, Gong Joo Young immediately left for school following Lee Kyung Woo. They get on the same bus, but Gong Joo Young doesn't have a bus card and money. He couldn't pay and Lee Kyung Woo tried to give him his bus card. But there is no balance left to pay fees. Gong Joo Young was about to be forcibly lowered by the bus driver, but behind him was Wang Ja Rim who paid for it. Gong Joo Young was delighted and told his best friend Lee Kyung Woo that Wang Ja Rim was his destiny. As the bus was about to run, He almost fell into Wang Ja Rim's body, luckily Lee Kyung Woo held onto him. 

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But his first day was just a bad impression because he grabbed Wang Ja Rim's collar. The first day began with the introduction of the homeroom teacher and immediately started lessons. After the break came, Gong Joo Young went to Lee Kyung Woo's class. There, he was surprised to find out that Wang Ja Rim was in the same class as his best friend Lee Kyung Woo. This third encounter made Gong Joo Young believe that Wang Ja Rim was his destiny. But he felt ashamed of the incident this morning and decided to leave the class. Meanwhile, Wang Ja Rim is good friends with Yang Min Ji (Jung Da Eun) and Oh Ah Ram (Im Da Young), the black belt holder. 

At school, Gong Joo Young spends time with his three best friends, Lee Kyung Woo, Kim Byung Hoon, and Ahn Kyung Min (Ahn Do Kyu), who have never dated. The four of them have been friends since middle school. After school, when Gong Joo Young was with Lee Kyung Woo, He saw Wang Ja Rim and followed him. Gong Joo Young just said that the apartment he lives in is close to him and feels destiny for him. Since then, he became increasingly interested in Wang Ja Rim and matched several things while believing that all the actions he took were fate. Although in fact many of the things Wang Ja Rim did were not exactly what Gong Joo Young did. 

In the process, Gong Joo Young decided to go on an adventure. However, Gong Joo Young felt ashamed and followed him so that a few days Joo Young could not get acquainted with him. Lee Kyung Woo met Wang Ja Rim and wanted to introduce him to a man. But Wang Ja Rim refused. Wang Ja Rim actually told KyungWoo and MinJi that in the past few days there were stalkers following him. After giving his character Lee Kyung Woo realized that it was Gong Joo Young's best friend. Without thinking, Lee Kyung Woo left their chat and discussed the matter with Gong Joo Young. 

While chatting outside of class, Yang Min Ji overheard their conversation. Yang Min Ji finally finds out that Gong Joo Young likes her best friend Wang Ja Rim. He told her that Wang Ja Rim had never dated at all. He thought that Gong Joo Young was not his type either. Gong Joo Young didn't just give up. She started following him again. He was finally able to speak when Wang Ja Rim was about to beat him up for being annoyed at being followed constantly. 

Gong Joo Young explained that he just wanted to repay his kindness for paying the bus fare at that time (This was all Gong Joo Young's plan on Lee Kyung Woo's suggestion to start a conversation with JaRim). He hands me an envelope filled with money. It turned out that a few days ago, Gong Joo Young had gone to great lengths to write down his feelings on the 1000 won note. As they were about to board the bus, Gong Joo Young saw Wang Ja Rim from the envelope and immediately put the 1000 won money in the bus box without reading and knowing the writing. This made Gong Joo Young speechless and sad. Will this time she give up on her predestined belief in Wang Ja Rim? Or will Gong Joo Young keep trying to win Wang Ja Rim's heart? How is the story of Wang Ja Rim's next exciting struggle?

Detail of Love Revolution

Title: Love Revolution / 연애 혁명 / Yeonaehyeogmyeong

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance, School

Country: South Korea

Director: Seo Joo Wan

Screenwriter: Kwak Kyung Yoon,

Producer: Yoo Jeong Hoon

Production House: Kakao M, Merry Christmas

Number of Episodes: 30 Episodes

TV stations: Kakao TV, Viki, iQIYI

Broadcast period: September 1, 2020 (Starting Tuesday)

Showtimes: Every Thursday, 05:00 KST

Cast of Love Revolution

Park Ji Hoon as Gong Joo Young

Lee Ruby as Wang Ja Rim

Kim Young Hoon as Lee Kyung Woo

Jung Da Eun as Yang Min Ji

Im Da Young as Oh Ah Ram

Ko Chan Bin as Kim Byung Hoon

Ahn Do Kyu as Ahn Kyung Min

Lee Seo Yeon as Wang Byeol Rim

Kim Su Gyeom as Namgoong Ji Soo

Kim Seung Hee as Hong Jin Hee

Lee Se Hee as Jang Hae Ri

Kwak Hee Joo as Jung Sang Hoon

Kim Joong Don as Jo Yeon Sa


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