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Begin Again (从 结婚 开始 恋爱) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Begin Again (从 结婚 开始 恋爱) is a Chinese web drama production Hunan Tv and Mango Tv. This drama is a Comedy and Romance genre which airs on October 29, 2020.

Begin Again (从 结婚 开始 恋爱) has 35 episodes and can be watched every Thursday to Saturday at 8 pm. This Mandarin drama stars Zhou Yu Tong, Simon Gong, Garvey Jin, Wu Man Si, and Shawn Zhang. Zhou Yu Tong has played in the drama My Love from the Ocean and the Cambrian Period. Simon Gong has starred in The Love Equations. For Garvey Jin, he played Tong Hao in the China Forget You Remember Love series. Wu Man Si played in the drama Sweet First Love while Shawn Zhang played in the Hotel Trainees.

Begin Again (从 结婚 开始 恋爱) is based on the Thai author Ms. Pitchaya Turdkwanchai's literary work "Samee Ngern phon" (translation: this ordinary man). It tells the story of the domineering female president of the Household Group Lu Fangning and the gentle surgeon Ling Rui, who got married by contract and fell in love after marriage. The series premiered on Mango TV on October 29, 2020 

Begin Again Chinese Drama
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Synopsis of Begin Again 

Lu Fang Ning (Zhou Yu Tong) is a general manager and CEO of a home furniture business company called Luning Group. She is known as a woman who has everything, beautiful, talented, and rich. But before he was in his thirties, Lu Fang Ning was always under pressure from his family so that he immediately decided to get married and have children.

Having a past and trauma made Lu Fang Ning reluctant to be aggressive or attack first. She is afraid of being in a relationship that has failed. She meets Ling Rui (Simon Gong), a handsome and kind-hearted surgeon. This man became Lu Fang Ning's candidate to be her husband.

After going through many things, they both agreed to become husband and wife. In the process, Lu Fang Ning began to realize the mistakes of his actions and he tried to get better. But when He had to keep the marriage, it wasn't easy.

Details of Begin Again 

Title: Begin Again / 从 结婚 开始 恋爱 

Chinese Title: 从 结婚 开始 恋爱 (From Marriage to Love)

Year Production: 2020

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

Country: China

Filming location: Shenzhen

Director: Xu Chi

Producer: Yu Hui

Screenwriter: Chen Li Wen, Jiang Yue Hua

Production: Mango TV, EE Media, Yuanyi Media

TV channels: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Number of Episodes: 35 Episodes

Length of Each Episodes: 45 Minutes

Broadcast period: 29 October 2020 - 5 December 2020

Showtimes: Thursday - Saturday, 20:00 CST

Cast of Begin Again 

Zhou Yu Tong as Lu Fang Ning

Simon Gong (Gong Jun) as Ling Rui

Garvey Jin (Jin Ze) as Fang Yi Yao

Wu Man Si as Cai Si Yu

Yuan Zhi Bo as Yang Yi

Shawn Zhang (Zhang Shu Lun)

Xiao Ran

Ma Wei Jiang

Wang Jing Yan

Lucas Yao (Yao Wang)

Liu Wei Long

Li Si Qi


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