Episode 224 Yemin (The Promise) April 9th: Turkish Drama

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The new 224th episode of Yemin (The Promise) has released!

Kanal 7's audience meets on weekdays, Yemin (The Promise) is experiencing significant developments. Kemal and Narin are divorced. The danger that awaits Emir and Reyhan scared everyone. So what's going to happen in the new 224th episode?

A new day begins in the series, which locks viewers to the screen with its aired episodes. As it is known, Kemal and Narin, who were prosecuted in court on Tuesday, had their marriages ended and divorced. Masal's efforts not to separate them were also a cure. Masal, who came to court with Sehriye, did not get what she wanted. On the other side, Emir and Reyhan's life will also experience a baby shock? Here is 224th Episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ....

Yemin (The Promise) Last Episode
Dangerous Move From Cavidan. The more Cavidan got her anger today when she saw that Reyhan and Emir were happy. What will Cavidan, who has a great kin against Reyhan, do to break that happiness?

Reyhan and Emir's happiness continues. While Emir surprises his wife and wants to add happiness to his happiness, Cavidan tries every way to activate her treacherous plan. What could be the great danger waiting for Reyhan? Masal's reaction to her father, who cannot prevent separation, continues. For the narin, it's time to say goodbye to Masal. Will Narin be able to leave Masal?

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Yemin (The Promise) Next Episode
The new episode of Kanal 7's popular series Yemin is full! When will Hikmet heal? Everyone's looking for the answer to that question. Cavidan wanted to add new ones to his treacherous plans, but Hikmet's failure to do anything upset the audience. In the last episode, hikmet tried to move his fingers and this situation lit the light of hope in the audience. There was a bad surprise for Emir and Reyhan, who experienced the joy of the baby and heard the heart for the first time. But it's a question of whether this will happen.

On Tuesday, his summary was like this. Reyhan and Emir see their babies, and the resentment is over. Two lovers can't take themselves from thinking about their babies. Reyhan and Emir still don't agree on one thing, are they going to be girls or boys? Cavidan, on the other hand, bubbling well with the new news and again embarking on treacherous plans to ensure that the baby is not born. The day of the trial has come, and while there are no obstacles to separation, Hikmet and Şehirye manage to bring Masal to court. Can Masal prevent this separation?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 224 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 224
Summary: Cemre is Entering the mansion

Kanal 7's beloved daily Turkish Series Yemin (The Promise) is the last episode aired on Thursday, April 9, 224. When Emir and Reyhan prepare for their babies, Cavidan moves to disrupt their happiness. What's the plan for Cemre, who entered the mansion because of Cavidan?

Emir has already begun paternity rehearsals. Support for Emir, who has doubts about whether he can be a good father, comes again from Reyhan. On the other hand, Cemre in revenge delirium manages to enter the mansion. What will Cemre do now as she approaches Reyhan step by step? Kemal keeps Narin away from home because he thinks it's the right thing for everyone to stay away from. Kemal, who chose to leave time after what happened, is expecting a big surprise; The story shuts up again. What's Kemal going to do now?

Yemin (The Promise): The epic love story of two young people who must now fight bigger battles for their love is on Kanal 7 screens every weekday at 08 P.M ......

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