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Final 9th Episode of Yeni Hayat (New Life): Turkish Drama

Kanal D series Yeni Hayat (New Life) Final 9th episode trailer has released! Why the series make the final episode?

Episode 9 of Yeni Hayat (New Life) series has been released. KargaSeven Pictures signed, the regulation of Başak Soysal and Cem Özüduru'ın, the screenplay written by Elif Usman series kanal D is coming to the screens. New Life series is about the intersection of two very different families and the conflict between family and love. 

Kanal D's Yeni Hayat (New Life) series is making its finale with episode 9. Serkan Çayoğlu, who attracted attention with Halka (The Ring) series that came to the screen at TRT, who is acclaimed for her character Adem Şahin and Melisa Aslı Pamuk, who is acclaimed for her series Carpisma (Collision) series broadcast on Star Tv, star in the series with her character Yasemin Karatan. 

The series is about the love of a bodyguard who falls in love with a woman he's doing his duty to protect. Final 9th episode preview video has been screened. You can follow the new 9th episode trailers from our news with the latest chapter summaries.

yeni hayat episode 9
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Yeni Hayat (New Life) Final Episode

The series is making its finale on Thursday, October 29th with episode 9. In the last episode; Nevin goes home with jealousy and frustration when he sees Jasmine and Adam zooming in. Adam wants to explain the situation to Nevin, but Nevin won't listen to Adam. Meanwhile, Jasmine gets the divorce papers that Timur signed for Jasmine. Jasmine is confused. Timur left his assets to Jasmine with the divorce. Jasmine can't understand what Timur is targeting. 

But there is fear in him and he takes action to protect himself and Adam. Nevin can't quell the jealousy he's accumulated in him and tells Timur that Adam and Jasmine are very close. Timur said different things to Nevin's face, but he was deeply angry with Jasmine and Adam. He'll have a jealous breakdown. Jasmine makes a move that surprises the household for the first time. The household, already awash with divorce, is shaken by Jasmine's move.  Furkan goes up against his brother-in-old brother-in-old and asks for an account. 

Ferda, on the other hand, begins to settle down. When she finds out the secret to divorce, she tries to use it against Nesibe to replace Fatma. Jasmine decides to run because the divorce has taken place and asks Adam for help. Adam agrees.  Jasmine wants to shake Timur with one last blow before she left. Will Adam and Jasmine be able to carry out their plan? Will Jasmine survive Timur?

After the press release, the tension between Timur and Adam, who came face to face for Jasmine, rises. This tension is disrupted by the surprise phone call to Adam. As Adam quickly exits the foundation, Jasmine and Furkan go as far away from Timur as possible. But with the great plan of the Dragon, Adam and Jasmine will be shaken like never before. In the meantime, the balance between the parties varies for the next day's shipment.

Timur will try to maintain its position in the shipment while being tested with Jasmine. Adam, on the other hand, will learn with a very painful test that his own destiny has changed as he is in the path of the Dragon as he changes the fate of the shipment. Jasmine's new decision with Furkan will both expose all of Timur's violence and lead to Jasmine's test with Furkan. Will Jasmine, who set out to start a new life, be able to leave Adam? Will Adam be trapped between his mission and his family and learn the great secret in his life?

Yeni Hayat Episode 9 [Final] 

With the great plan of Ejder, Adam and Jasmine will be shaken like never before. 

Yeni Hayat (New Life) Cast

Serkan Çayoğlu (Adem Şahin), Melisa Aslı Pamuk (Yasemin Karatan), Tayanç Ayaydın (Timur Karatan), Nilperi Şahinkaya (Nevin Şahin), İpek Filiz Yazıcı (Gökçe Karatan), Nisa Sofya Aksongur (Ece Şahin), Devrim Nas (Özgür Haseki), Aziz Caner İnan (Bekir Tosun), Nebil Sayın (Kunduzi), Ayşe Tunaboylu (Nesibe Toprak), Begüm Akkaya (Fatma Karagöz),  Furkan Kalabalık (Fatih Yılmaz), Övül Özbay (Berna Soydan Haseki), Seher Terzi (Melahat)

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