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Yemin (The Promise) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

The name of karamel Production's long-talked-about new daily series has been revealed. The series, which will be broadcast on Kanal 7 screens every weekday, was called "Yemin (The Promise)". We will be able to bring the cast of the series to you.

Kanal 7 is currently leading the way in daily series, as it is known. Elif series has been on Kanal 7 screens for 5 seasons and daily Indian series have also achieved great success. As with other daily series, we will continue to give you summaries of Yemin (The Promise) series.

The new daily series is expected to be one of the long-running daily series of Karamel Productions. The series was expected to air on other private channels, but it was surprisingly broadcast on Kanal 7. As we get information about the cast and characters of the series, we will continue to share it with you. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Sen Cal Kapimi

Synopsis of Yemin (The Promise)

The ethics of two young people with a very different world are happy that they live in compulsory marriage after the promise; sadness days will be the subject of the series. Reyhan is brought to istanbul by Hikmet bey from the country; Because Hikmet has a spoiled son, who cannot fit the brain in hand. Hikmet bey, who has one foot in the pit, wants to marry Reyhan, a sit-down girl, and his son Emir and guarantee the future of her disabled daughter Suna.

yemin synopsis
Image Via @The Promise Official

Reyhan depends on her promise and wants to get used to her husband Emir; However, Emir has no intention of pursuing this marriage. Reyhan and Emir, who are against each other, will be madly in love with each other. Emir, who grew up in a rich family without knowing what responsibility is, replaces his father with Reyhan, whom he married without asking.

With the order, Reyhan is actually as different as black and white; But Fikret decides to marry her irresponsible son Reyhan without asking his son. Hikmet bey brings Reyhan, who he considers a trusted person to entrust her daughter Suna with a natural disabilities after him, as a bride to Istanbul. Emir has tried to prove himself to his father since he was a child. His father's forced marriage also him off and is determined to remove his anger at his father from Reyhan.

Emir vows that the first time he married nervously, he will never touch his wife again. In fact, when Reyhan first found out, he would oppose marrying the Emir; However, when he learns that Hikmet, who he loves like his father, has few days left, Reyhan agrees to marry Emir as promised to him.

Although Reyhan accepts this forced marriage and the spoiled Emir, The Wise brain-shower Cavidan lady cools her alive. With time, the Commandment is wise; and falls in love with Reyhan. But Reyhan was very broken in the process. The more Emir pursues Reyhan, the more she falls in love with her. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Bay Yanlis

All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230
231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240
241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250
451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460

Detail of Yemin (The Promise)

Directors: Ayhan Ozen, Serkan Mut
Assistant Director: Kubilay Koçak
Cinematographer: Omer Yilmaz
Project-Story: Nazmiye Yilmaz
Production: Karamel Production
Music: Minor
Artistic Director: Muslüm Çalasin
Costume Manager: Nezahat Terzi

Cast of Yemin (The Promise) 

Özge Yağız as Reyhan
Özge Yağız was born in Istanbul on April 10, 1997. She graduated from Başkent University Academy of Communication Sciences. Özge Yağız, who had her first acting experience in 2017 with Adini Sen Koy, has taken her place on screens as Zeliha. After the series Adini Sen Koy was released for 3 seasons and was removed from the air, Özge Yağız, who gave life to the character of Reyhan in the series Yemin (The Promise), which is now broadcast on Kanal 7 screens. She is 1.69 meters tall, 52 kilos and aries.

Who is Reyhan?
Reyhan, whose father and mother passed away, is a man who lives in her own way in the village. Mr. Hikmet is the uncle of Reyhan. She used to meet Reyhan's mother. Mr. Hikmet has always supported Reyhan from afar. Mr. Hikret asks Reyhan not to tell anyone about her illness, who is ill by marrying his son Emir and making an promise. Reyhan refuses to accept this marriage, but very difficult days await Reyhan.

Gokberk Demirci as Emir Tarhun
Gökberk Demirci was born in Izmit on October 20, 1989. He is originally from Adana. He studied acting at Cengiz Küçükayvaz theatre. Gökberk Demirci, who started his acting career in 2012 with the series Once Ottoman Mince, started kick boxing and became the third in the 2009 region. He likes to ride. Gökberk Demirci, who loved himself with the character Of Kilic in Adini Sen Koy, now gives life to the character of Emir in the series Yemin (The Promise), which is broadcast on Kanal 7 screens. He lost his mother a little while ago. He also lost his grandmother shortly after his mother passed away. Gökberk Demirci, who lost his brother in an accident. He is 1.81 meters tall, 77 kilos and libra.

Who is Emir Tarhun?
He is the eldest son of Emir Hikmet and Cavidan Tarhun. He's a spoiled, motorbike-loving man of a rich family, who's in his 30s who never thought about getting married. Mr. Hikmet wants his son to marry and start a family and take over the company. The order thinks that your father will never be happy with him. The order falls in love with Reyhan, whom he was later forcibly married, but swears he won't touch her.

Can Verel as Kemal Tarhun
Can Verel was born on January 1, 1982 in Istanbul. He is the son of Engin Verel, a famous footballer from Fenerbahce. His mother is Bahar Erdeniz. She made her acting debut in 2004 with the tv series Shoulder to Shoulder. He is a member of the Turkish Football Foundation/board and Is a player of management by Ebru Küçükaka. Can Verel is 6 feet tall and weighs 78 kilos.

Who is Kemal Tarhun?
Kemal is one of istanbul's leading lawyers. Kemal Amir's father, Hikmet Tarhun, who is a regular man with hardworking discipline, is the younger brother. He's Emir's own uncle. Kemal, who is separated from his wife, lives with his daughter Masal. Kemal, who tried to be a good father to Masal, unfortunately, did not prevent his daughter Masal from speaking. Because Masal couldn't stomach his mother leaving the house and was trapped by not talking to anyone.

Munise Özlem as Leyla
Munise Özlem was born in Istanbul in 1994. He completed his education at Istanbul Bilgi University. Munise Özlem, who had her first acting experience with the high school patrol series aired on TRT screens, has appeared in 4N1K cinema film. She gave life to the character of Leyla in the series Yemin (The promise), which aired on Kanal 7 screens. She deals with mountaineering sports and makes peak climbs.  Munise Özlem is 6 feet tall and weighs 54 pounds.

Who is Leyla? 
Leyla, who appeared in the series in the first season of Yemin (The promise) series, is the daughter of Talaz, who has long spoken and later entered Kemal's house as a thief. At the end of season 1, he fell off the palater of the moment he argued with his father and left the series.

Gul Arcan Gürses as Cavidan Tarhun
Gul Arcan Gürses born on October 20, 1959 in Ankara, Gül Arcan graduated from Ankara State Conservatory. He appeared in the tv series Between Two Worlds and appeared in many plays. Gul Ercan is an experienced theatre maker.  \Gul Arcan married master actor Atilla Arcan in 1984. Shebanem Sevgi Gürses, Ozgur Arcan, Barış Arcan, Çağrı Arcan had four children. His wife Atilla Arcan died in 2015. Gul Arcan starred in Kanal 7's daily series Yemin. She plays Cavidan in the series.

Who is Cavidan Tarhun?
She is Hikmet's brain wife, Emir and Suna's mother, who had a very difficult time in his past and married Hikmet Tarhun with the dream of being rich, cavidan lady is someone who has his eyes and greed for money.  Cavidan Tarhun, who is ashamed of her disabled daughter Sunadan and does not want to go out with him in human beings, wants to marry her son Emir with Cemre, does his best to break the relationship between Reyhan and Emir.

Berkant Müftüler as Hikmet Tarhun
Ceyda Olguner as Cemre
Cansın Mina Gür as Masal
Tuğçe Ersoy Kacarski as Süheyla
Derya Kurtuluş Oktar as Şehriye
Mustafa Şimşek as Talaz
Sıla Türkoğlu as Suna
Esra Demirci Çoban as Melike
Yağmur Akdağ as Nigar
Ali Dereli as Zafer
Barış Gürses as Sefer
Almira Tuğgül Küçükoğlu as Yonca
Can Çağlar as Taci
Gözde Gündüzlü as Oya
Yağmur Shahbazova as Narin
Balım Gaye Bayrak as Zeynep
Umed Shatakov as Vural
Official Website: Kanal 7

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  1. C'est une série vraiment géniale,j'aime beaucoup avec plaisir que l'on retrouve les deux acteurs principaux... reyhan et Emir sont beaux tous les deux, ils forment un couple vraiment amoureux. J'adore 🤩

  2. Didn't like that the character of Leyla is out of this series in season 2.

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    2. You can watch the whole season on mx player

  6. This serial is keeping me hooked to it so much that I am watching it for hours at a stretch. I wish to congratulate the actors, Director and story writer for such an interesting serial. Though at few places the Hindi dubbing is incorrect, still it is very much enjoyable.

  7. Great series. Season 3 is disappointing without Rehyan. They also ruined Nerin's character with the crazy sister storyline. Although they repeat a lot things between Rehyan and Emir in the story of Feride and Emir, I do like the fact they tried to tell the story of Emir's life after Rehyan. However, they failed when they portrayed Emir as jealous it was just too soon to say he had now fallen in love with Feride specially after his love story with Rehyan. It was okay form him to find her pretty or feel intrigued by her but love I do not think so. Let see if they can fix it. I am about to watch episode 300.

  8. questo messaggio e rivolto alla scritrice nazmiye ylmaz sei stata fantastica per la grande storia che hai scritto per le 2 stagioni di jemin ci hai fatto sognare il grande amore che tutti vorrebbero vivere grandi emozioni ci hai fatto piangere e ridere anche con la bravura di tutti gli attori e produttori grazie . ma fare una 3 stagione usando la nascita di un bambino per costruire la storia di amore tra emir e feride questo non e andato bene per tutti noi fan di jemin , e assurdo costruire una storia su un amore cosi grande le ricordo alcune frasi che emir ha detto a reyhan [tu sei l aqua della vita che mandiene vivo il nostro amore , emir non esiste se non ce reyhan , se tu non sei vicino a me io non respiro ce ne sono molte di piu], allora signora nazmiye che e un romanzo pero la storia doveva essere lieto fine per rispetto a tutti quelli che hanno visto la storia. e se il motivo era per far continuare a lavorare gli attori bastava intitolare la storia di feride cambiare i nomi degli attori e era tutto piu semplice . mi scusi lei sicuramente e una grande scitrice ma il publico ha un ruolo importante , quindi bisogna lavorare per fa piacere solo in questo modo si vincono i premi per il publico , mi dispiace che con questa stagione 3 il publico non ha gradito molti guardano per gorberk e un attore fantastico , a spero che non ci sono molti capitoli visto che e un copiare continuo delle altre stagioni , anzi faro la previsione del finale emir cerca feride la perdona gli dice le stesse frasi che ha detto a reyhan e ci sara un bellissimo matrimonio perche a differenza di reyhan sono tutti daccordo quindi perche prolungare distinti saluti.

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    Can anyone send me a link with Season 3 Starting Episode 251 with English or Spanish Subtitles, would be very grateful.

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