Yemin (The Promise) Episode 280 [October 23, 2020]

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The new 280th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has released! What happen in the new episode on October 23?


Emir was talking to Feride before Semih came into the study. His speech is unfinished. Feride then asks what she has to say, but Emir shuts it down, saying it was nothing. Kemal is furious. Kumru tells him to leave this house not to come back.

Semih set off with Feride, flirtatious Semih hotel room set up a message on his phone. Feride is going with Semih without knowing what's going to happen to him. No, he just says to go home, so what are Semih making plans for? What's going to happen to Feride? Songül Hanım also tells Emir that she is uncomfortable with Feride going with Semih. Emir also do not stop, and Semih goes to the hotel set up and goes to the room where Semih is staying and punches Semih, who opens the door, Semih is in two or eighty places.

Cemre, who also makes a surprise to the konağa, says surprise and opposes the Emir. Let's see why Cemre's here. The Kemals go to look for the new house as a family, see who's going to stay in this new house. Here is 280th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ....

yemin episode 280
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What Happened in the Episode?

Emir is more jealous of Feride than Semih. He doesn't want Semih doing the charity work with Feride. At the breakfast table, he breaks it nervously by squeezing the tea cup. His assistant supposedly got sick, took Feride to the company and told him to edit the files at the company. When he say tea and coffee, there will be a business meeting. Preparing the table and making the photocopy work done by Feride. This prevents her from being alone with Semih. Semih's always looking. But when Feride says she's done, Emir finds a new job and won't let Feride go near Semih.

Feride also does all the work given to him in the company. In fact, in a telephone conversation, Emir hears that the translation of one of the files has not been ed, and by searching for his know-it-all, he translates the file text so that he can help Emir a lot.

Semih calls Emir on the phone, asks why he didn't leave Feride. As soon as Emir says he's got a lot of work to do. They'll talk at home when they get home. Emir knows that Semih is a womanizer, so he protects Feride by saying that every bird's flesh is inedible.

Kemal hears Kumru's mother say that she in love with Kemal and wants Taji to arrange a house for them to leave the house. When Kumru brings a sandwich, she knocks down the tray with her hand and tells him that she knows she's in love with him, telling her not to lie or play games. He says you're going to talk to your sister and get out of this house as soon as you can. Kumru also talks to Narin at the difficult of her mother and Kemal, but his sister no longer wants us in this house, we will leave this house. Both Kemal and his mother are very surprised. Kemal is charged.

Songül Hanım, going to prison, Feride's friend's mouth by calling Feride asks who gave that 500 thousand lira. At that moment, Cavidan will meet with his lawyer in sight. Feride's friend doesn't say it with her mouth, but she says it was Cavidan who gave her the money with her eyes. Songül looks at Cavidan saying why is she looking at that woman?

When Emir talk to Feride in his room, Semih comes and tells him that parcels are being prepared for help and distribution will be done tomorrow. Mr. Hikmet agrees with Feride because he wants to.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 280 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 280 Summary: Feride is Going With Semih

Emir will be devastated to know that Feride wants to go with Semih tonight. Semih has another plan in mind. Emir is further stretched after Feride accepts Semih's offer to go out of town, albeit abstaining, and now gives up the duel. Semih was the winner. Semih has a different plan in mind. While Feride was on her way to danger with Semih, Emir was left behind. Is Emir going to do anything for Feride, who predicts what's going to happen? 

Kumru continues to subtly exploit emotion to her sister. Narin doesn't want to upset Kemal, but on the other hand she wants to have her suister with her. Kumru, on the other hand, thinks that a radical move could tempt Kemal. Something unexpected happens while this is happening, and Narin's eyes are completely opened. When she left the room to give this news to Kemal with Narin excitement, she was shocked by the painting she saw. What did Narin see?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 280 Full Episode

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