Yemin (The Promise) Episode 269 [October 8, 2020]

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Watch the new 269th episode of Yemin (The Promise)! What will happen in the new episode on Thursday, October 8th?

He was left behind for another evening on Kanal 7's beloved series Yemin (The Promise). Emir's battle with Feride and Narin's mother with Kumru continued. After the episode, which was watched breathlessly by viewers, the eyes turned to tomorrow. So what's going to happen tomorrow? The 269th episode of Yemin is in our news.

Turkey's most watched daily series, Yemin (The Promise), was behind on the third day of the week. What happened tonight once again locked viewers in front of the screen. Chapter 268 of the series was also pregnant with many developments. A day of strong winds from time to time, but no lack of love and compassion, ended. The battle between Narin's  mother and Kumru continues. So what's going to happen tomorrow? 

yemin episode 269
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What happened in the last episode?

Songül began to stay in the mansion under the pretext of a sprained foot. He's very happy about that, too. His plan is to leave Feride and Emir alone. This is revealed under the pretext of selling the house in Sapanca. Emir, who catches Feride from the mansion on the road, takes her to the car and they go together. Feride is upset about what happened and tries to turn Emir back from this journey. But it can't succeed. 

Although she is the star of the night against her guests due to the sight of Narin eyes, she has a difficult time because of Kumru's plans in her examination against her mother. Kumru, who listens to Narin the song her mother sings, make her suffer and make her angry. Narin reacts to the thought that her mother did everything. Münevver, on the other hand, has resorted to illegal ways to give her daughter her eyes. A danger is waiting for her, too.

Yemin (The Promise) episode 269 trailer

Kanal 7's beloved daily series will be available to read on our website after the 269th episode trailer, which will air on Thursday, October 8, has been added.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 269 Summary: Kumru's Plan didn't go well

Kumru's plans will not work tonight, and the bonds between Kemal and Narin will be strengthened. What's Kumru going to do if she is humiliated? Feride and Emir have to be alone in Sapanca. Witnessing the details of Feride's childhood, Emir wants to return to the cone as soon as he can. Will it cause a change in the feelings of the two in Sapanca? 

Narin's psychology has been turned upside down. Kemal tries to convince her to get professional support, but Narin tries to stand up straight. Kemal does whatever he can to improve Narin's psychology. In order to normalize Narin, Kemal agrees to go to a very important business dinner. Kumru is on as usual and does its best to make her look like she's helping her sister and feel helpless. Kumru has a big plan by the end of the day. What's Kumru's shocking plan?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 269 Full Episode

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown out after half a century, is on Kanal 7 every weekday at 08:45 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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