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Why Did Özge Yağız (Reyhan) Leave Yemin (The Promise) series?

Why did Yemin (The Promise) series Reyhan ( Özge Yağız ) leave, will she come back?

Yemin (The Promise) from the series, which was watched by being loved on Kanal 7 screen, is the 245th episode. with the last episode, may 8, Friday, the audience said goodbye. The series is will be the third season. will be back on screen in September – October. Özge Yağız, who played Reyhan in the series Yemin, who completed his 2nd season, became clear.

Famous actress Özge Yağız thanked the production team by confirming her departure from the show to her followers on her social media account. However, the character of Reyhan (Özge Yağız) a different situation about the separation of the series was revealed by the description of the producer Karamel Production.

After the season finale of Yemin (The Promise), a farewell message was issued with the signature of Sevda Careless, General Coordinator of Karamel Production. In this message, Ozge Yağız drew attention to the detailed explanation on the subject.

In a detailed statement that attracted attention, the player Özge Yağız stated that her contract was finished and that she planned a different career in the future, confirming the rumor that in January this separation was reported to the production team in writing.

The following details in the statement about Karamel Production Özge Yağız reflect all aspects of the event:

"Our player Özge Yağız, who has been sharing this path with us for two seasons, is also a valuable part of our team. The news that our actress Özge Yağız, who gave life to Reyhan character with success, will not be in Yemin series next season. This separation occurred because our player ended her role as neither contract nor scenario. Read Also the new series starring by Ozge Yagiz; Sol Yanim (My Left Side)

Why Özge Yağız Leave Yemin?
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In January 2020, our series continued to be the third time in the world. After discussing the circumstances in the negotiations with the season, our player and his manager are in the second season, we have informed us in writing about the decision to leave the project at the end of the season. As Karamel Production, our priority in all our work has been the happiness of their team. Therefore, they did not prevent any team members who wanted to part ways for any reason by pushing our conditions for our friends who wanted to continue the journey ,based on the fact that moral values are the most basic motivation of what we do. "We would like to thank our dear player Özge Yağız for her efforts and wish her success in her future career."

Reyhan (Ozge Yağız) is leaving the series! 
Who is Özge Yağız, where is she from? Age, height and weight. Özge Yağız, who plays the character of Reyhan in a series called Yemin, makes a name for himself with her beauty. Özge Yağız, who announced that he would leave the series Yemin, which he achieved fame, soon became the most talked about name on social media. In this case, the lovers of The Promise series 'Özge Yağız left the series?' question, Özge Yağız'ı who does not know 'Who is Özge Yağız?' is looking for the answer to the question. So, who is Özge Yağız, Reyhan character of the promise series, how old is she? Here are the ages of celebrities, especially Özge Yağız.

"My naïve Reyhan... You were the beginning of a beautiful road where I had countless experiences in it. You lived in a nest like an oath, you've always won people, teammates, who you'd always want to cross paths with. You became the daughter of houses, the daughter of the mountains of hearts, Reyhan. 

Thank God I'm leaving because my deal is over, feeling your love and support and hoping to be in great business for you again. Thank you for teaching and teaching with all your comments. Always exist, be there, and even if we can't be perfect, let's be a little free of every flaw we have. We love your heart, your essence, your eyes, your essence, your eyes, which make you say, your power, all the ugliness in the world. How many reunions, if we have deported, forgive..."

Özge Yağız was born in Istanbul on April 10, 1997. ... Özge Yağız, who experienced her first acting experience in 2017 with Adini Sen Koy (Put Your Name) series with the character of Zeliha., She is 1.69 meters tall, 52 kilos and the zodiac is Aries. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Yemin (The Promise)

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