Yemin (The Promise) Episode 286: Trailer And Summary

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Watch the 286th episode of Yemin (The Promise) What will happen in the new episode on Sunday, November 15, 2020? Will Feride Can Save Yigit?

Another evening ended on Kanal 7's popular series Yemin (The Promise). Today, the first part of the week in front of the audience in front of the production until the last minute there was a great excitement. As well as Emir and Feride, it is a question of what will happen in the relationship between Narin and Kemal. 

The first day of the week ended in Yemin, which continues to be broadcast in its 3rd season with the signature of Karamel Production. The series continues to air with a combined version of the two episodes, and today viewers are locked in the beginning of the screen. In addition to Emir and Feride, questions about what the progress of Kemal and Narin's relations will be are gradually finding answers. Will Emir be able to save his son from Reşat's kidnapping? 

What happen in the last episode?

Feride continues hrt efforts to convince Emir of Yigit. However, Emir does not intend to get away with what he has experienced in his past. He is troubled to repeat the scene in which he has lived many times, and he tells Feride. Feride, who will take Yigit to the vaccine, requests Emir but gets a negative response. On top of that, he sorts out what he has to do for Yigit. Emir will come with another wrong answer. Feride then goes to the doctor and a surprise event is waiting. 

yemin episode 286
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Yigit is kidnapped. Feride, who found Emir, reacts to him. She complains that she didn't get a response even though she asked for help. Hikmet, on the other hand, will make it worse for him to face this incident after his complaints about his health condition. Kemal and Narin continue to take Kumru exam. Songül took the key to the mansion. 

Will Songül's efforts, which are well understood with Hikmet and try to paint her eye at every opportunity, be reciproced? the question is being asked more and more every day. Cemre tells Feride what happened. It's like she is a confesser. All of them and more tomorrow in the new episode of Yemin (The Promise).

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 286 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 286 Summary

Feride sacrifices herself to save Yigit tonight in Yemin (The Promise). Emir, on the other hand, is very worried when he finds out that Feride is gone. Will Emir be able to save his son and Feride? 

Feride sacrifices herself to save Yigit, but nothing goes as she hoped. Emir, who finds out that Feride is gone, goes mad. Time is shrinking, and Emir is forced into all conditions. Will Emir be able to save Feride and Yigit? Kumru, on the other hand, still thought it was her sister who was going to die. Although Kemal tried to convince Narin to tell the truth, he did not succeed. Thanks to Kemal's attention, he captures a very important detail about dove. Kemal can no longer stop and confronts Kumru and tells the truth to her face. Will Kemal's move cause a conflict with Narin?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 286 Full Episode

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown out after a half-time, was broadcast on Kanal 7 at 7 P.M at the weekend. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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