Episode 319 Yemin (The Promise) English Subtitle: Trailer And Summary

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The new 319th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has been released! In the last episode; Narin and Kemal have a difficult time because of an anonymous letter. What happen in the episode on March 13rd?

Yemin (The Promise), which continues to be published with the signature of Karamel Productions, is experiencing the excitement of a new episode. After a week, one wonders what will happen in the next episode. Every moment is a day of excitement, hate, action and love. The summary and trailer for Episode 319 is in our news. 

Another brand new week begins in Yemin (The Promise), which continues to air as one of the most watched series in Turkey. How Emir and Feride will live their lives is a matter of curiosity and is eagerly awaited by the audience. Again, the troubles that plague the Tarragon families continue and they give an important test in order to get rid of them. In addition, the fairytale development in Kemal and Narin's lives will affect everything. So what's going to happen next week? 

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What happen in the last episode?

Feride and Emir try to find Cavidan like a friend. Songül and Talaz hid the injured Cavidan. They eventually find Feride and Emir bring Cavidan to the hospital. Emir is in a great predicament. While his mother is trying to survive, Emir can't get away with the past. 

Emir finally confronts his mother and gets an unexpected surprise. Cavidan has lost her memory. Narin thinks differently from Kemal. If what's in the letter is true, sooner or later it'll come out. That's why Narin gets a DNA test without Kemal knowing the truth. According to the results of the test, Masal is not Kemal's daughter. How will Narin tell Kemal this truth?

What happen in the next episode [spoiler]

The excitement continues on Kanal 7's hit series Yemin (The Promise). Narin has a hard time learning that Masal is not Kemal's daughter. She'd rather have the world fall on her head than explain it to him. But on the other hand, she has to do it. Even though Emir is getting closer and closer to Feride and trying to make amends, he won't be reciprocated. In the end, Emir leaves the mansion. But he'll come back for Cavidan. Songül, on the other hand, is unaware of what will happen to him in his cooperation with Talaz. 

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 319 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 319 Summary: The Individual extends the skin of the Poison

Emir is bringing Cavidan to the mansion tonight will allow Feride to soften against him. What will Narin get when she offers Emir a friendship?

Emir brings Cavidan to the mansion. It;s Shocked. Songul has evil plans for Cavidan in mind. Feride, on the other hand, extends an olive branch after Emir's decision about Cavidan. Feride says that from now on, she and Emir can be friends. How will Emir respond to this offer? Narin finally tells Kemal that Masal is not her daughter. A frantic Kemal says he doesn't believe the test result and denies the truth. Thinking that the test is a setup, She tells Kemal that she took Narin test herself. What's going to happen between Kemal and Narin after this one that hits them in the face like a slap?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 319 Full Movie


Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown away after unfinished love, is on Kanal 7 at 07 P.M on the weekend. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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