Yemin (The Promise) Episode 243: Turkish Drama

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The most watched daily domestic series of screens, Yemin (The Promise), the last episode aired on Wednesday, May 6th, is the 243rd episode. The epic love story of two young people who must now fight bigger battles for their love is on Kanal 7 screens every weekday at 08 P.M...

Kanal 7's popular series Yemin (The Promise) is heading step by step into the final. What will happen in the new episode of the series, which entered its final week, is eagerly awaited. The episode summary begins.

The new episode which creates a great deal of excitement with its published episodes and locks thousands of people to the screen every evening, is looking forward to the new episode. In the last episode, Reyhan woke up at the table. Then he left the hospital alone. Emirr apologized, saying he understood he had made a mistake by going after his wife. On the other hand, there will be improvements in the love of Kemal and Narin. Audiences want to see a happy ending, but will this pass?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 243
Summary: In first season of the series, it was in the 70th episode. And had made the final with 245th episode in second season. Özge Yağız's decision to leave the series after the baby's condition was at risk, it upset the audience. This situation continues and the final episode, which comes step by step, connects the show's tight followers to the screen every day. The reason is that Reyhan is loved.

yemin episode 243
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Reyhan, who woke up while going into surgery after fainting in the mansion, was unable to control the hospital employees and left alone. Speaking with victory, Emir realized he had made a mistake. He went after his wife. When the delicate incident was learned, he reacted to the decision and cried. Looks like Oya won't keep Pelin's plan, Mr. Hikmet continues to show healing orders. Another full finale will be on Channel 7 screens.

Yemin (The Promise)Episode 243 Trailer

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