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Yemin (The Promise) Episode 284 [November 8, 2020]

The new 284th episode of Yemin (The Promise) will be released on Sunday, November 8. On the day Feride and Emir set sail for love.

Another evening is behind us in Yemin (The Promise), which is produced by Karamel Yapım. With the end of the week, many people are already waiting for next Saturday. Will Emir go back to its old days, or will he really have a love affair with Feride? For the kidnappers or those who want to watch again, What happen in the last episode of Yemin (The Promise)?

The new episode of Yemin (The Promise), which continues to air over the weekends, has also ended. While good things were happening on Emir and Feride's beginning love journey, what was happening suddenly almost reversed. On the other hand, the relationship between Kemal and Narin again seems to play a role in dove's work. What's Kumru planning for death? The answer to that question has become a matter of curiosity. Because she's one of those characters who can change the course of the show. For the kidnappers or those who want to watch again. Here is 284th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise).

Yemin episode 284
Image Via @The Promise Official

Watch the 284th episode of Yemin

The new and final episode of Yemin, which continues to be broadcast on Kanal 7 with its growing excitement and addiction, has also taken its place on the internet.  The digital world is an important resource for citizens who do not have the opportunity to watch on tv, and both Kanal 7 and Karamel Yapım use it very well. Viewers are offered many alternatives, and more people are watching the series.

As it is known, all channels, productions and tv shows have a channel on YouTube. At least one of these three is constantly airing all episodes of the series. One of those shows is Yemin (The Promise). After the new episode ends, you can watch the last episode of the series in one piece on YouTube. As one of the national television channels, there are many methods to watch long-time broadcaster Kanal 7. Besides your TDs, you can also watch from your phones, desktops and tablets.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 284 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 284 Summary

Emir, who worked with Feride on the Soup Kitchen project, apologizes for his behavior. And Feride forgive him for what he said. Hekmat organizes a meal because of their success. Emir and Feride also come to the venue, but everything is turned upside down after the reyhan question of members of the press. Emir beats up journalists. Then he uses the top speed vehicle. No matter how hard Feride tries to stop it, he won't make it. He says he believes in Yigit's unifying power and that her mother, Reyhan, is a very good mother. 

Meanwhile, photos of Emir and Feride are reported in the press. Oya is not happy about it. Songü has his mouth in his ears. Kumru is closer to dying every day because of the tumor in her brain. But she won't let go of expressing her love for Kemal. Kanal 7 screens are followed with great interest in the third season of the series Yemin is coming to the audience. Unable to recover after Reyhan's death, Emir's hard-fought life takes its place on the screen with the promise. 

On the one hand, he mourns the great love of Reyhan, and on the other, a tiny heart that has never met his mother. Will the Tarragon family, which has been experiencing major earthquakes, recover after the bad days? Will the innocent baby left behind be able to bring the family together? All questions are answered by Yemin (The Promise). 

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 284 Full Movie

Kanal 7's popular series 'Yemin (The Promise)' meets its fans on weekdays at 8:45 P.M. with its third season. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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