Yemin (The Promise) Episode 272 [October 13, 2020]

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Watch the 272nd episode of Yemin (The Promise)! What will happen in the new episode on Tuesday, October 13th?

Turkey's most watched daily series, Yemin (The Promise), was behind on the first day of the week. What happened tonight once again locked viewers in front of the screen.  Emir questions the fate of his night with Feride. Kemal wants to get out of the situation because of Narin's attitude. It is also wanted to know what will happen on the new episode?. 

What's Narin going to do when his attitude towards his mother, who will sacrifice his eyes for himself, tends to soften? The order insists on getting the response he asked Feride for. Kemal also wants his broken heart repaired in his struggle with Narin. So what's going to happen tomorrow? Here is 272nd episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ....

yemin episode 272
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What happen in the last episode?

Emir wants to find out what happened with Feride, who makes an effort to heal himself after turning away from his color. The goal is to determine in his mind how to behave against him from now on. Feride, on the other hand, knows everything because she is sober during all of this and constantly escapes in Emir not to respond. She won't even answer Emir's message. Songül, on the other hand, executes her plan. 

Songul called Hikmet to tell him that she had forgotten the wallet in the car, and from there another adventure begins in the mansion. She'll put her foot in a plaster with an excuse. Hekmat says he will stay in the mansion until he recovers. Viewers also began to wait curiously whether Hikmet would marry Melike or Songül. What's Narin going to do when her attitude towards her mother, who will sacrifice her eyes for herself, begins to soften? Will Emir get the response he wants from Feride?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 272 Trailer: 'Are you in love?'

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 272 Summary: Will Kemal And Narin Be Broken Up?

This evening in Yemin, Kumru takes action to open the door between Narin and Kemal. What's Narin going to do when she's feeling guilty? Emir doesn't remember anything about the night. Feride is reprimanded for coming to the fight venue at night. Feride should relax after this conversation, but the excitement is thinged. Feride looks pensive or is she already in love?

Kemal feels helpless about how to help Narin when she will never give up. On the other hand, Kumru, who speaks of Kemal's exhaustment, fuels Narin's guilt with these misleading indoctrination. The helpless Kemal is also cornered by Kumru's continued play in place of her sister. How's Kemal going to get out of this?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 272 Full Movie

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown out after half a century, is on Kanal 7 every weekday at 08:45 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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