Yemin (The Promise) Episode 244: Turkish Drama

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The most popular daily series of screens, Yemin (The Promise), is the last 244 episode aired on Thursday, May 7th. The epic love story of two young people who must now fight bigger battles for their love is on Kanal 7 screens every weekday at 08 P.M...

What's going to happen in Chapter 244 of Yemin (The Promise)? The new episode of the series, which is widely watched on Kanal 7 screens. Starring Özge Yağız, Gökberk Demirci and Can Verel, the beloved actors of our country will also put on the screen in 243rd episode.

What hapen in the last episode?
When Emir feels the baby kicking, he has a great remorse. Reyhan reacts from a place he never expected. Will Narin be able to convince Reyhan to operate?

Emir became aware of the mistake and suffered great remorse. In the meantime, it becomes a big surprise and the baby begins to move in the womb. After the first kick of the baby, which begins to feel its existence, Emir is very happy. Now, as Emir slowly softens, Reyhan reacts unexpectedly; Narin learns everything. I wonder if Narin will be able to convince Reyhan.

Narin, after what she've seen, she can't stop it, she's happy, and she's willing to fill it with hope. Oya knows things don't go as planned, and will do everything he can to prevent it. Pelin, on the other hand, has not yet admitted, but it is clear that she cannot remain indifferent to Kemal. At this point, pelin's a surprise question will come to Narin. What is this question and what will Narin answer?

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Yemin (The Promise) Episode 244
Summary: The whole mansion stopped feeling sad, but even though they were bleeding, they began to look happy for Reyhan. Reyhan's morale is held at home for fun, no one will tell Reyhan that he is upset. Narin, on the other hand, is determined to turn Reyhan away from her decision and immediately begins work. Narin, who saw that Reyhan had almost no chance in her research, finds a patient who is in the same situation as Reyhan to show the outcome of her decision. The woman is one week away from giving birth, but she is in very serious condition.

Since her uterus is down, you've spent the last six months lying down and hardly moving at all. Therefore, it is exhausted. Reyhan has a great deal of fear when he sees the state of a woman who is stubborn as herself; As if she were a living dead woman, she was a living man. However, even this situation will not give up on giving Reyhan his baby birth. Cavidan is very happy that a successor will come to the mansion and that he will get rid of the Emir; Cavidan wants to raise his own granddaughter, who can't see his own end.

Reyhan will give birth to at the expense of his life has been an exit for Cavidan; However, cavidan must first treat his bankrupt lungs in order to see that exit he was waiting for. Cemre, on the other hand, begins a new plan to speed up cavidan's death, which he sees as still not dead. The season finale finally came in the series. This week, the series of Vows is definitely farewelling the screens. A sad season finale awaits the audience in the series. Reyhan prays for her baby until morning. Reyhan, who finally convinced Emir that their baby would be healthy, will now try to convince Narin and Kemal.

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