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Yemin (The Promise) Episode 256 [September 21, 2020]

The new 256th episode of Yemin (The Promise) has released! Watch the trailer here ....

Another week begins in Turkey's most-watched daily series Yemin (The Promise). After the return of Feride, who lost his brother, to the coni4, Emir's attitude is eagerly expected. So what's going to happen on Monday? Yemin (The Promise) 256th episode summary and trailer are in our news. We wish you all the best.

The new season also ended on Friday, which locks viewers to the beginning of the screen. Eyes turned to the beginning of the week from today. While Feride is saddened to bury his brother, Emir's attitude can laid the foundations for their relationship. Hekmat, Oya, Melike is Feride's supporter. Here is  256th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise).....

yemin episode 256
Image Via @The Promise Official

What happen in the last episode?

Cemre is over, Kumru is started. Cemre fell in love with Emir, and there was no more evil she didn't do to get it. Now Kumru is in love with Kemal, and there's no harm she didn't do to her sister to get it. Kemal and Narin were going to get married, and even her wedding dress came home. Jealous of her sister, Kumru secretly wears the wedding dress because she wants to replace her. Kumru causes her sister to fall down the stairs. Kemal comes home and takes him to the hospital right away, and even though his car breaks down on the way, he finds a way to raise her, but because they're late, there's a risk that Narin will be paralyzed as long as she has a clot in her brain. Kemal blames himself.

After receiving the news of Feride's sister's death, he esly goes home. Everyone thinks he's gone because of Emir left without telling anyone. Feride's sister had kidney disease and needed a surgical transplant. She needed the money. Feride found the money, gave it to her sister-in-law, but her sister-in-law didn't let her have surgery. She spent the money herself. Feride's sister-in-law is a bad guy, and she wants to turn Feride's life into a dungeon by cooperating with a rich bad guy who wants to marry Feride.

Feride visits her sister in her sister's grave and says goodbye to her for the last time and returns to the consul. Before returning, Miss Cavidan reaches Feride on a phone call she secretly received from someone in prison. He'll find out her sister's dead. When Feride returns, Emir says he violated the contract and had no business. Feride didn't neglect the contract. Emir is sad. Feride, who takes care of the baby, tells the baby that despite his father, 'I'm not leaving you'. That's what Emir hears. One of the ice melts more slowly.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 256 Trailer

Kumru was about to kill Narin by accident. She was taken to Narin intensive care and then operated on. These hours do not pass for Kemal and his mother Münevver, as well as noodles. She can't accept the fall of the woman she's going to marry into the ICU. On the other hand, Münevver questioned her daughter Kumru about Narin.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 256 [spoiler]

Emir gets someone's help to investigate Feride's dead sister. Feride's name is her last name. Don't be afraid that someone with that name doesn't have a sister. Emir gets a little more angry to Feride. After all, Miss Cavidan changed Feride's last name so she wouldn't know she sent it. That's why no one can reach Feride's real family right now.

The truth doesn't come out until Feride's sister-in-law and the bad guy in love with her move to find out where Feride lives. When that bad guy who's after Feride comes to the cone, the truth comes out. Narin comes to him, but his eyes do not see. This is a condition caused by a fall and if there is no improvement over time, blindness can be permanent, says the doctor.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 256 Summary: Is Narin Going Blind?

This evening, Feride returns to the cons after all. Narin, on the other hand, has vision loss. Will she never see again?

Feride returns to the cons behind after her sister's death and promised the baby that despite his father, she would never leave him. Emir, who suffers a great remorse, no more goes after Feride, but at the end of the day he is shocked by the unexpected news. What's the shocking news for Emir? It opens Narin eyes to the darkness. Narin, who no longer sees the eyes, tries to throw away the shock of what happened, but it is not easy. Although Kemal tried to support the woman he loved as usual, he was deeply devastated. Is the curtain in Narin's eyes temporary or will she never see again?

Yemin (The Promise) Full Episode 256


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