Episode 438 Yemin (The Promise) English Subtitle: Trailer And Summary

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The new 438th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has been released! What will happen in the new 4th season 438th episode on saturday, June 18th? 

Watch the last episode of Yemin (The Yemin) Episode 438 Watch Full One Piece on Saturday, June 18, 2022, with its new episode. Yemin is on the screen tonight with the second episode of the new season. Emir comes to the rescue of the girl who escaped from her family in new episodes; but he's in trouble.

Watch the last episode of Yemin (The Yemin) Episode 437 Watch in Full Episode. In the end episode, the head of all evil, the centipede head, has come to the door for Ümit. Ümit, Wisdom comes before the judge to punish all the sins and crimes she committed, including the death of the brain. Feride, who made the mistake of her life by marrying him, testifies against him. He says it all in his statement. Meanwhile, there are emotional moments in court.

yemin episode 438
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In the end episode, Feride says she will not forgive Emir despite all her efforts. Emir, who has been trying for a long time, throws the towel after a point. There are new developments on the Cavidan front. Will he die? The episode where Cavidan dies or is thought to be so seems to be quite exciting.

The new week has come to an end in Yemin, which has the signature of Karamel Yapım and has met its audience for a long time. In the story that lasted for two days, what happened to the Tarhun family locked everyone on the screen. In particular, it was a matter of curiosity whether Gülperi and Emir would marry again. So, what will happen in the new episode? Yemin 438th episode summary and trailer are in our news.

The series, which is followed with great interest on Kanal 7 screens, is in front of the audience with its fourth season. The fourth season of Yemin series is on Kanal 7 with its new episodes on Saturday and Sunday at 07. P.M. Here are 438th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ....

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 438 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 438 Summary

The quiet lives of Emir and Tarhun family change when a "Fairy Girl" enters their world. When the path of this fairy girl, whose childhood was tortured and therefore afraid to approach people, crosses with Emir, nothing will be the same as before. How will Emir deal with this wild girl who turned his life upside down? Will Gülperi be able to keep up with this foreign world she never knew?

On the other hand, Narin and Kemal have settled in the Tarhun Mansion, which is the heirloom of Hikmet. Two lovers, who have been through great troubles in the past, now have a happy, peaceful home where they live their love to the fullest. Kemal has returned to his position at the holding, while Narin continues to pursue his profession successfully. So what; A difficult surgery for Narin will move some stones after all these years of calm. A new and difficult test awaits the love of Narin and Kemal.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 438 Full Movie

What surprises await the viewers of Yemin in the fourth season? The series is on Kanal 7 screens with new episodes on Saturday-Sunday at 7 P.M... Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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