Episode 341 Yemin (The Promise) English Subtitle: Trailer And Summary

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The new 341st episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has been released!  What happen in the episode on Saturday, May 29th?

Yemin (The Promise), which continues to broadcast as one of the most watched series in Turkey, ended another week. The beloved production of Kanal 7 has now turned its sights to the new week. Will the Emir's efforts be reciprocated as he tries to bring an end to the days when Feride was getting closer to death every day? So what's going to happen in the new episode? The summary and trailer for Episode 341 of Yemin (The Promise) is in our sites.

The new week ended today in Yemin (The Promise), which has made the episodes signed by Karamel Productions one of the most watched series in Turkey. Today, the audience was locked in front of the screen again and the events were watched with interest. After that, it's eagerly awaited next week. In particular, umit's actions against Feride are also a matter of curiosity and it is desirable to be investigated and learned. A whole new division will be in front of the audience with exciting moments from each other. 

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What happen in the end episode?

Emir is devastated to hear that the body of a woman has been found in the woods. The body belongs to Feride? When Umit finds out that Emir has not given up, he goes mad and increases his persecution of Feride. Cavidan sees Umit squeezing Feride. She warns Umit to leave her alone. Ozlem and Emir go after Feride, who they don't hear from. Meanwhile, Emir and Ozlem are terrified when they hear the news of the body of a woman with her wrists slit in the woods. Is Feride the woman in the forested area? 

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 341 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 341 Summary: Will Feride Kill Umit?

In Yemin (The Promise) this evening, Emir finally learns the truth about Ümit. Will Feride, who has great difficulties because of Umit, will be the killer?

Feride finally tells Emir everything. Feride and Emir have to be much more careful now. While Emir and Özlem are looking for ways to corner Ümit, Ümit has bad plans in mind. Emir, who watches everything from the camera system at home, takes action as soon as he sees that Feride is in danger. When he gets home, he gets a big surprise. Feride stabbed Ümit. Is Feride a murderer? 

Songul's treacherous plan works step by step. Kemal, on the other hand, remains in a state of losing all his existence. Now they have to move to a new house. Kemal's biggest supporter will be his wife Narin, who will do his best to save his family from this situation with the least damage. Will Kemal be able to spoil this big game?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 341 Full Movie


Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown away after unfinished love, is on Kanal 7 at 07 P.M on the weekend. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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