Episode 346 Yemin (The Promise) English Subtitle: Trailer And Summary

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The new 346th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has been released! Will Feride be able to prevent Emir from becoming a murderer? What happen in the episode on Saturday, June 13rd?

A brand new day has passed in Yemin, which continues its broadcast life as Turkey's weekend series. After the first episode of the week, eyes turned to tomorrow. It is also a matter of curiosity what will happen in the production, which includes valuable and important names. The series, which deals with the events of the Tarhun families, will be watched with interest. So what will happen tomorrow? You can read the summary and trailer of the 346th episode of Yemin in our news.

Another day has come to an end in Yemin, produced by Karamel Yapım. The fact that Ümit adds a new one every day on top of his atrocities both upsets and angers the audience. While the series continues to be watched with great interest with its 3rd season, the eyes are turned to the new episode and what will happen is eagerly awaited. What will happen in the homes of the Tarhun family is being watched by everyone as soon as possible. In addition to Emir and Feride, Kemal and Narin's struggle continues, step by step towards the final in the series. So, what will happen in the new 346th episode?

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What happen in the end episode?

Emir learns what Ümit has done and wants to punish him. Will Feride be able to prevent Emir from becoming a murderer? After Emir learns that his father's murderer is Ümit, he loses himself and takes action to punish Ümit while injured. Feride is afraid that Emir will get blood on her hand and she has to complain to the police about Emir, who escaped in a taxi. Emir is in danger of being imprisoned again. Ümit makes a deal with Feride, and as a result of this agreement, Umit gets Emir out of prison. Ümit plays a trick to keep Feride with him, but the big game is Emir and he has Ümit taken from his house with fake cops. What will Emir do to Ümit now? 

Narin also saw that Kemal was driving a taxi after all that had happened. Narin wants to do something for her husband. Narin, who prepares a big surprise for Kemal with what's left in her hand, makes her husband return to his profession, which he loves very much, to be a lawyer. What kind of days await the couple of Narin and Kemal, who feel the power of being a family now?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 346 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 346 Summary: Can Umit Escape?

Emir asks Ümit to account for all the people he killed. Will Ümit be able to escape from Emir's grasp? Emir enters into a big showdown with Ümit. Emir holds accountable for every innocent killed by Ümit, including his father. Although Umit tries to find a way to escape, Emir does not let up and catches Umit again in the forest. Will Emir succumb to his anger and become a murderer? 

Another excitement joins the excitement of Narin and Kemal's new workplace; the sex of their baby. Narin learns the sex of the baby under the control of the doctor and prepares a nice surprise for Kemal. This information, which is kept as a secret, is finally in Narin's hands. The only question in Kemal's mind, who is waiting in excitement; girl or boy?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 346 Full Movie

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown away after unfinished love, is on Kanal 7 at 07 P.M on the weekend. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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