Episode 309 Yemin (The Promise) English Subtitle: Trailer And Summary

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The new 309th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has been released! What happen on the episode on February 6th?

Another brand new week begins on Yemin (The Promise), which continues to be Kanal 7's weekly series. In addition to Emir and Feride, the fate of relations between Kemal and Narin is a matter of curiosity and investigation. Will the Emir, who wants to redeem himself in the final chapters, be able to do so? How long will Kumru's pregnancy plan last? Saturday, February 6th, the 309th episode summary and trailer of Yemin (The Promise) are featured in our sites.

Excitement continues in the new week of Yemin (The Promise), which has been watched by thousands of people in its broadcast life, which started with the signature of Karamel Productions, and locks the viewers in front of the screen with each episode. Emir and Feride need to reconcile in order for their shattered lives to be recon anniled after the wedding. 

yemin episode 309
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This isn't going to happen at that moment. In fact, Emir made the first attempt, but without success. Viewers are already wondering about next week. So what's going to happen in the new episode? Here is 309th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise).

What happen in the last episode?

After the end of Emir and Feride's association, efforts to reconcile came with it. He asked Feride for forgiveness, where he pursued her and slept on her doorstep, but was not successful. He even took Melike home to be his vehicle. Yigit didn't make a profit either. On the other hand, Narin is fighting against Kemal and Kumru's pregnancy game. Who will prevail in this duel? Will Songül achieve her goal with Talaz, who she wants to follow Cavidan? 

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 309 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 309 Summary: Feride is in trouble

Feride is in great danger for what her father did. When Emir wants to protect her, he encounters Feride's reaction. What's Feride going to do when she's deadlocked?

Feride's father came after him again with trouble. Emir takes its breath away from Feride as if he had predicted what was to come, but he encountered a reaction he did not expect. Feride doesn't know what to say when she says who's going to protect me from him. Feride, who aliens Emir, falls into great danger. Her father paid Feride to the mafia in exchange for his debt. Will Feride survive? 

After Levent told me everything, all of Kumru's filth was revealed. Kemal wants a divorce as soon as possible, and Kumru seems to resist divorce. On the other hand, when Kemal and Narin think that the bad days are completely behind us, something unexpected happens and Narin is taken into custody. And while it's clear that kumru had something to do with it, what's Narin accused of?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 309 Full Movie

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown away after unfinished love, is on Kanal 7 at 07 P,M at the weekend with Yemin... Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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