Yemin (The Promise) Episode 278 [October 21, 2020]

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The new 278th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has released! What happen in the episode on October 21st?

In the new 278th episode, you'll watch the truth slowly come out. Kemal hears it when Kumru says to her mother that she is in love with Kemal. After this time, Kemal will be more careful with Kumru. Here is 278th episode trailer and episode summary of  Yemin (The Promise) .....

Semih enters the kitchen and while Feride is helping him while cooking, she eats sweet and wants to wipe the lips of Feride, who is sweet on the edge of her lip. Feride does not allow. Emir, who is filled by Songül Hanım because Semih looks like a flirtatious person, gets angry and jealous when he comes to the kitchen and sees them alone.

Semih also likes Feride, and if anyone gets his head in, he says, "I can forget about myself." Semih, who repairs the electrical outlet, throws out the fuses, and feride leaps out of fear and Emir holds him. While Talaz gets angry because of the umbrellas he bought for Cemre, someone from the sky pours a whopping water over the house where they are sitting. They get wet. Semih and Feride decide to do a joint business. The moment he says we will be a good couple, Emir squeezes his tea glass and breaks it. Emir teams will not leave a team at home for the break.

yemin episode 278
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What Happen in the last episode?

Semin likes Feride from Switzerland as soon as he sees her. That's what the order realizes and envys. Yigit baby's toy fell into the pool, Feride would fall while she was wanting to take Emir at the last minute. The moment she said she wanted to talk about food, wasn't Feride enough to get angry? she don't care about him or his money.

In the morning, Cavidan calls and asks someone in prison to go to look after her mother. Songül Hanım hears this phone call. She does not understand who she bought 500 thousand people from. When she says she bought it from Emir, Feride says she didn't buy it from him. With this excuse by making rice pudding, Hikmet's brain looks for his mouth and thinks, where did he get this money from him? Let's see when Songul will hear and know about Cavidan and find out that she gave the money?

Emir wants to talk to Feride, locks the doors, but because Feride doesn't want to talk, he doesn't want to be in the same environment as Emir, so he breaks down the glass door that opens to the terrace of the room. At that moment, his arm is injured, Emir's life goes away and he presses his wound with the handkerchief he pulled out of his pocket. Emir doesn't know, but he's impressed by Feride.

Feride asks Emir for permission to go out. Since Semih is in the mansion and Feride will also take the aid bags given by her sister Melike, Semih says he'll take her to her destination. Emir sees them on their way and they get angry inside. He can't say don't go. Semih leaves Feride to the mansion. He sees Emir. Semih, who gives the rose that is about to break off, asks Feride to put it in a vase. Emir asks what she is doing. When Emir said she was an employee here, Semih said; Does she say you're jealous and protected by your employee?

As Narin put Masal to sleep, Biran sees Masal and gets excited. Kemal builds a camping tent in the garden because the fairy tale says he wants to go camping. Narin says that her eyes saw Masal for a moment. Kemal calls the doctor and make an appointment. They go to the doctor in the morning, the doctor says there are patients who are recovering, and he wants a CT scan. It results, but it says nothing's changed, and it says that recovery isn't going to be based on these results, there's going to be blurry visions like this from time to time, and then it's going to disappear. They'll come home. Kemal is with him while he rests delicately. As she exits the room, Narin sees blurry again. She went up to Kemal and told him the color of the shirt he was wearing. Kemal is happy to see it. The only person who's not happy is Kumru. She'll gout her eyes out in Narin's picture.

Talaz to Cemre say, "Let it rain like rain from the sky, and we will make money tirelessly." Cemre invests her money in umbrellas. What do people say about umbrellas in the summer of talaz bacon?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 278 Trailer

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 278 Summary: Will Emir Face His Emotion?

This evening in Yemin, Semih realizes Emir is jealousy and goes after him. Will he be able to face the cornered Emir's feelings?

Semih goes after Emir, saying he's jealous, but Emir says he's just trying to protect his employee. After this time, Emir and Semih have a closed duel. At the end of the day, Semih makes a move to win the first duel. Emir's reaction is in public, but how? Narin and Kemal's hopes for the evening will be darned before what the doctor says. It's not a delusion, and Narin is starting to see it really little by little. On the other hand, Münevver learns what Kumru has done and they get into a fight by saying that she will tell Kemal everything. Kumru finally admits to falling in love with Kemal, shouting at her mother. Kemal heard everything as he went into the kitchen. What's Kemal going to do now?

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 278 Full Episode

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