Yemin (The Promise) Episode 257 [September 22, 2020]

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The new 257th episode trailer of Yemin (The Promise) has released! Watch the trailer here ....

Another evening ended in Turkey's most-watched daily series Yemin (The Promise). Viewers are wondering what's going to happen tomorrow. So what will happen in the new episode?

Kanal 7's successful series, continues to experience new episodes. Narin and Kemal's experiences made everyone cry in the series, which continues to upset viewers. Feride is loss of her sister, Emir is research into her, and Kumru's plans are even more connected to the screen. Here is 257th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ....

yemin episode 257
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Yemin (The Promise) Episode 257 Trailer

Emir learns that Feride has no sister in the intelligence research he started about her. The anger of Emir, who thinks she's lying, will also be harsh. All of them and more are on Kanal 7 screens tomorrow night.

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 257 [Spoiler]

After falling down Narin stairs, she opens her eyes but she can't see. It was said that the condition may be permanent in the hospital where she was removed. The world of both Kemal and Narin has been destroyed. Sehriye and Münevver too. But Kumru is not there at all. She sees her sister walking up the stairs once again, but she doesn't react. Luckily, nothing bad can happen. 

Yemin (The Promise) Episode 257 Summary: Feride is Lie

The lie feride told in The Oath tonight would make Emir very angry. Narin, on the other hand, tries to get used to the dark world.

When Emir finds out that Feride's sister isn't on the record of her new identity, he'll go crazy again. A woman lied to him again. This time, Emir goes after feride's lying without expressing his anger. On the other hand, a danger from Feride's past began to wandering near the Tarragon mansion. Who will this danger spread to? Narin trying to cope with this difficult situation. The difficulties of being blind are always violently struck in the face. Kumru, which causes Narin to go blind, prefers to shut up. The propeller around the household gets on Narin's nerves at some point. Will Narin stand as strong as ever?

Yemin (The Promise) Full Episode 257


Yemin (the Promise): The story of Emir, who was thrown out after half a century, is on Kanal 7 every weekday at 08:45 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The Promise)

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