Yemin (The promise) Episode 255 [September 18, 2020]

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The new 255th episode trailer of Yemin (The promise) has released! In the last episode; Emir will be very worried when he sees Feride getting worse. Will Feride's discomfort soften Emir's heart?


Kanal 7's beloved series Yemin (The promise) season 3 is in full swing, ending another week. The production, which has locked viewers to the screen, is still eagerly awaited. So what's going to happen tomorrow? The 255th episode summary and trailer of series are in our news.

Considered as Turkey's most watched daily series, Yemin (The promise) ends another week. The last episode of the production, which will close the 51st week of broadcasting life, will be screened. Although the unchely events in the two mansions upset the audience, each episode is eagerly awaited. What will happen in tomorrow's episode of Kanal 7's phenomenon series? Here is 255th episode trailer and episode summary of Yemin (The Promise) ...

yemin episode 255
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Yemin (The promise) Episode 255 [Spoiler]

Kumru is becoming increasingly ruthless in his plans. The reason is to have a luxurious life and to marry Kemal. He even overlooked his sister's life in order to be with her. That's why he doesn't shy away from anything. Dove, who applied all kinds of psychological exploitation to his mother, is still at work to prevent Narin's marriage.

Yemin (The promise) Episode 255 trailer

While this was happening in the life of Narin and Kemal, Emir and Feride took an important step in the stories of meeting. When he found out that Feride was waiting for him in front of his room for hours, Emir let her. This time, however, there was an argument for Feride's sister because she did not speak to her identity in order not to disclose her identity and could not base the permission she wanted on a detail. The new episode of Yemin (The promise), which makes its name to more and more people every day and extends its reputation to many countries, is tomorrow at 08:45 P.M.

Yemin (The promise) Episode 255 Summary: Feride's Pain Loss

The death of her sister tonight in Yemin will deeply shake Feride. How will Feride, who can't see her sister one last time before she dies, take a stand against Emir who caused it?

Feride was devastated after receiving the news of her sister's death. And she didn't see her sister one last time before she died. Feride, who left the house despite the contract without telling anyone anything, then Emir bubbling up, but on the other hand, he thinks he succeeded. But when Feride returns, Emir encounters an unexpected response. How will Feride react to Emir? Narin fell down the stairs as she stepped on the bony falling from the wedding dress that Kumru was wearing. They quickly rushed Narin to the hospital. Narin, who survives a great danger, wakes up to a terrible truth when she opens her eyes. What happened to Narin?

Yemin (The promise) Full Episode 255

Yemin (The Promise): The story of Emir, which was blown away after unfinished love, is on Kanal 7 with oath every weekday at 08.45 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Yemin (The promise)

Yemin (The promise) players

Cansu Tuman, Gökberk Demirci, Yaghmur Shahbazova, Can Verel, Cansin Mina Gür, Gul Arcan, Berkant Muftis , Ceyda Olguner, Elif Özkul, Gözde Günlü, Melahat Abbasova, Hülya Aydin, Derya Kurtuluş, Mustafa Simsek, Esra Çoban, Barış Gürses, Can Çağlar.

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