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What's the subject of Erkenci Kuş (The Early Bird)? Who are the players?. Here are the details ..?

Erkenci Kuş (The Early Bird) series, which meets with the audience on Star TV screens, is among the topics that viewers are looking for most on Google. Especially beginners 'What is the subject of the Early Birds series?', 'Who are the actors', 'When is Early Bird, what time', 'What happened in the last episode' is looking for answers to questions. Here's the subject and actors of The Early Birds.

Erkenci Kuş (The Early Bird) brings to the screen the great love that began with the accidental encounter of Sanem (Demet Özdemir) and Can Divit (Can Yaman) at the advertising agency.

Synopsis of Erkenci Kuş 

Sanem has a grocery store with her father, Nihat. Sanem, who opened a grocery store every morning to replace her father, who had shortness of breath every morning from an early age, she is a natural, cheerful and full-of-life young girl, opposite her older sister Lale. When Sanem hears that her sister is looking for a job at the women's magazine Countess, she'll be the head of work, and the adventure begins on the show. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Bay Yanlis

Erkenci Kuş Cast
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Aziz, the magazine's boss, has two sons; Can and Emre... Sanem suddenly finds herself in interesting events after starting to work in a magazine where things aren't going so well. The intimacy between Can Yaman's portrayal of the boss's son, Can Divit, and the coincidences changes the direction of events. With an extremely adventurous spirit, Can is a sportsman who loves nature away from the small accounts of city life. These features will also lead to the establishment of a special bond with Sanem.

Kerem Cakiroğlu directed the project began filming. The story of the series, which will be screened as a summer series, came out of the pen of Meriç Acemi, who wrote the screenplay for Ufak Tefek Cinayetler (The Little Murders).

Character Cast of Erkenci Kuş

Demet Özdemir as Sanem

Demet Özdemir was born in Kocaeli on February 26, 1992.  After completing his high school education at Evening High School, he took a dance theatre course from Shahika Tekand. Demet Özdemir is 1.70 cm tall.

She first began her career as one of the dancer daughters of the voice artist Bengü. She attracted attention with her flexible movements and soon managed to become one of ephesus girls. In 2009, she appeared as a dancer in singer Mustafa Sandal's "Ateş Et".

Sanem is a dreamer, intelligent and madly. Her biggest dream is to be a writer and settle in the Galapagos. She's a deft in trouble. She usually acts twice without thinking.

Can Yaman as Can Divit
Can Yaman was born in Istanbul in 1989. Originally from Yugoslav descent, Yaman attended bilfen College, primary and secondary school, and high school at Italian High School. Can Yaman, whose school life is full of achievements, finished high school with first place. Yaman went to America within the scope of the student exchange program and graduated from Yeditepe University Law Department in 2012.

Can, who worked as a lawyer for 6 months and speaks two languages, took acting classes as a hobby. He played the character of Badr in his first series, Gönül İşleri (Heart Affairs). Sinem Kobal's tidal love with Sevda brought to life attracted attention. The young actress expanded her fan base with her role as Aras in her second series, 'İnadına Aşk (Love in Spite)'.

Öznur Serçeler as Leyla Aydın
Sanem's sister. It's the pupil of the Position, and it's a source of pride for the family. A determined, ambitious young woman. Her biggest dream is to be a successful businesswoman.

Özlem Tokaslan as Mevkibe Aydın
Sanem and Leyla's mother... She's one of the crazy women in the neighborhood. She's a good mother, but she's making a distinction between her daughters, unwittingly. She thinks her eldest daughter, Leyla, can do what she can't do.

Berat Yenilmez as Nihat Aydin
Sanem and Leyla's father. 40 years of grocery store. He's not ambitious, he's been roasted in his own oil for the rest of his life. A loving, honest, calm man who doesn't compromise on his principles.

Birand Tunca as Emre Divit 
Can's younger brother. He's in charge of the agency's finance stake. He's a real plaza person who's happy to work for a family business. It feeds healthily, sports trends in artificially ventilated environments, wears suits, is fond of comfort and lives very luxuriously.

Sevcan Yasar as Aylin Yüksel 
Emre's secret lover. A well-groomed, sex-high woman. He's very ambitious about work, if necessary, it burns the world, even his love...

Cihan Ercan as Muzaffer Kaya/ Zeberbet 
He's already in love with Sanem. Zebercet is an emotional but expressed emotion in strange ways. They live on the rent of your grandfather and father's property. He's very fond of his mother Aysun.

Tugçe Kumral as Deren Keskin 
A successful, ambitious advertising world woman... The agency's creative is Mr. Aziz's most trusted employee. She's a socialite, stylish, cool woman who's studied abroad with her father's money.

Anıl Celik as Cengiz Özdemir/ Ceycey 
The most colorful of the agency... She's an intern. His real name is Genghis, but everyone calls him Ceycey. He has a very good aesthetic taste that hasn't been discovered, he can't stand the recourse. He knows where everything is best, where to beat, nor drink. Sharp-tongued.

Sibel Şişman as Güliz Yıldırım
Secretary at the agency. He knows everything that happens in the company, and even though he likes gossip, he's so good at his job that he's an indispensable member of the agency. She's an aggressive, curious, funny, cheerful girl who's plucking her grip.

Ali Yağcı as Osman Işık 
Ayhan's brother. The butcher and the handsomest man of the neighborhood; Girls queue at the door but her heart is in Leyla... He's benign, loving... He cooks for Ayhan at home, often, he's a gourmet side, the beloved young man of the neighborhood.

Ceren Taşçı as Ayhan Işık 
Sanem's best friend... She's crazy, she's in a mess, but she's a sweet girl. Open-minded, innovative, cheerful... Ayhan is always looking for new projects, and if he decides to be busy for a week, he may start designing applications the next week without knowing it.

Tuan Tunalı as Metin 
Can's very close friend from Galatasaray High School. Metin's family isn't doing well. He went to college on a scholarship. He came to his position today with his own effort and will. He's a smart, decent man. He's got a lot of business ambition. Fikr-i Harika's corporate lawyer. He likes Deren, but he hasn't even had a dialogue with Deren all these years. It's a little unfortunate about love.

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