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Star tv series Aramızda Kalsın (Keep this secret between us), the series is on the 47th episode, the filming ended at the end of 2014. Who are the lead actors in the series that will be screened tonight? What's the matter? Where's filming location?..

Yucel and Binnur Kaya bring the characters Bahattin and Hüsne to life in Aramızda Kalsın. The global outbreak had to stop broadcasting the series due to the corona virus. Instead, films or old series were included in the broadcast stream. Star TV is curious about some information about the series. So, what's the story of Aramızda Kalsın? Who are the cast? The details in our news...

Since the filming of the series stopped in the world and in our country due to coronavirus pandemic, most channels began to air the old popular series, one of which aired on star TV.

Synopsis of Aramızda Kalsın

Civan and Yadigar finally confess their love! Civan and Yadigar finally go up against Bahattin and Hüsne and say they love each other. Realizing that black angel she was looking for was ARemgar, Hüsne realizes that he made a big mistake. Now he must make amends for Yadigar.

Mahir and Arife are the face of an advertising shoot they attend. They think they're going to get a red trailer with the money they're going to make from the commercial, and they're going to finish this operation before anyone hears it. But there is one thing they do not take into account: mahir and arife's giant three-dimensional cardboard models will be put on the road where Bahattin commutes every day!

Aramiza Kalsin Cast
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Seeking to make amends for Yadigar, Hüsne finds an old tape from Yadigar's late mother. The broken tape will be repaired and given to Yadigar. The tape that Yadigar's mother filled will reveal an unknown secret that will perhaps change the balance in the house.

The mother of two children from Antep killed Yadigar in the 12th century of her marriage. a big and bad surprise awaits the anniversary. The heirloom took his two children that day and left his home and fell on their way to Istanbul. All he had on his way out was a letter his mother wrote to a friend before he died. The letter says the mother left a secret relic for Yadigar. Hüsne Celepoğlu and her husband Bahattin Celepoğlu, who kept the relic,'s biggest concern is to save their restaurants, which are about to sink.

For this purpose, Hüsne attaches all hope to Civan, who went to Italy years ago. Civan, who is the chef in Italy, will come to Istanbul, will lead the restaurant, the celepoğlu family's ordeal will finally end. Meanwhile, Civan has already headed to Istanbul to cook for a wedding. He accepts the job offer on one condition: No one in his family will know he is in Istanbul. Appreciation-i divine! Hüsne and Celepoğlu family are at full tekmil airport! On the one hand, they were most afraid of him to come alive, Yadigar, on one side they brought home with a thousand and one tricks civan....

Celepoğlu family begins a whole new adventure in this funny, romantic, surprise and so. Hüsne falls into funny situations when trying to make amends for Yadigar, and hugs and cries on yadigar, the trust of his best friend, and takes the first step to reveal a secret that Bahattin has kept for months.

Detail of Aramızda Kalsın
Production: TMC Erol Avci
Director: Hatice Memun
Screenplay: Selin Tunç

Aramızda Kalsın Filming Location
The series was filmed in Beykoz district of Istanbul.

Cast of Aramızda Kalsın

The cast of Aramızda Kalsın are;
Uğur Yucel as Bahattin
Binnur Kaya as Hüsne
Gökçe Bahadir as Yadigar
Caner Cindoruk as Civan
Fatih Artman

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