Get Married or Not (谁说 我 结 不了 婚) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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Get Married or Not (谁说 我 结 不了 婚) is the latest Romance genre Chinese Drama that will air on CCTV starting May 26, 2020, every Tuesday and can be watched online via the web and iQiyi application.

The drama was adapted from the series "It's Not That I Can't Marry, But I Don't Want To" about the story of three women in their 30s who had to face the pressures of marriage.

Starring a series of famous artists, including Tong Yao, Chen Shu, Xu Fang Yi and actor Pan Yue Ming who played in the drama Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns.

"Get Married or Not" with English subtitles is available on iQiyi online web streaming application and on the same day.

Synopsis of Get Married or Not

Tells about the love life of a woman aged over 35 years and has decided not to want to get married. Her friend who is none other than the powerhouse of the company and owner of the beauty salon trapped between rescuers and applicants.

Cheng Lu, played by Tong Yao, is a woman who is 35 years old. Profession as a well-known and intelligent screenwriter. Even so, she could not get married at all. But her life began to change since she met with Wei Shu (Pan Yue Ming). He was a professor of psychology who came before her and had shaken her belief all this time not to get married.

Get Married or Not Synopsis Cast
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Tian Lei (Chen Shu) is Cheng Lu's best friend and best friend. She is a famous female figure from their law firm and now a lawyer. Almost everything he could achieve when she was unanimous to do it. But Xu Hai Feng (Yuan Wen Kang) came and changed her life. He is neither her friend nor foe and they begin to develop feelings for each other even though the relationship they live is so complicated.

On the other side is Ding Shi Ya (Xu Fang Yi), a beauty salon owner who falls in love with a man who saved her life. When the rich young generation of second generation Zhou Chenyu (Li Shen) began to pursue her aggressively, she began to develop feelings that she had previously thought were impossible.

How does the end of the story and the story of the three romantic couples next? Will the three women still not believe in marital relations?

Details Get Married or Not

Title: Get Married or Not/ It's Not That I Can't Get Married/
谁说 我 结 不了 婚/ Shei Shuo Wo Jie Bu Le Hun
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: China
Director: He Nian
Producer: -
Screenwriter: He Nian
Production: Xingge Entertainment, iQIYI, Tencent Pictures, Lucky Star
TV channel: CCTV, iQiyi, Youku
Number of Episodes: 40
Airing Period: May 26, 2020
Showtimes: Every Tuesday

Cast of Get Married or Not 

Tong Yao as Cheng Lu
Chen Shu as Tian Lei
Xu Fang Yi as Ding Shi Ya
Pan Yue Ming as Wei Shu
Mickey Yuan Wen Kang as Xu Hai Feng
Li Shen as Zhou Chen Yu
Dong You Lin as Xiao Ha
Wang Yang as Li Yu Hao
Wu Yu Heng as Li Wei Hao
Lin You Wei
Andrew Lin

Official Website: iQiyi

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