Good Wife (好 妻子) Synospsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Good Wife (好 妻子) is the latest Chinese drama aired on Tencent Video and WeTV web streaming from May 7, 2020.

The drama was directed by director Luo Canran who told the story of the melodrama and the inspiration of a wife both at home and her hard struggle. Adapted from the South Korean drama series The Good Wife which is also a remake of US drama.

Produced from 2017, the series will actually collaborate with South Korean actor Shin Min Hee. But at that time the Chinese government had a little tension between China-Korea and was eventually replaced by Zhou Yu Tong.

This drama starred famous artists, including Betty Yao Qianyu, Lee Wei, Zhou Yu Tong, Tiger Li Tai and Jiang Yi Yuan. The series recounts the ups and downs of the good wife Li Jiayu at home and the spirit of unyielding struggle. The series was broadcast on Tencent Video on May 7.

Synopsis of Good Wife

A good wife at home, Li Jiayu (Yao Qianyu) has been taking care of her husband, Haoze (Li Tai), for many years. When the father-in-law suffered from acute cirrhosis, she was required to donate part of the liver. She said nothing. Unexpectedly, after the operation, Li Jiayu discovered that her husband He Haoze was deeply in love with his girlfriend Zhou Xinyan (Zhou Yutong).

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When Li Jiayu was hit by the mountain, she fell down the cliff and accidentally lost her memory. The upright and kind Lin Tianming (Li Wei) rescued Li Jiayu and gave her meticulous care and care. With the help of Lin Tianming, Li Jiayu discovered her talent for making coffee and started her inspirational journey in the coffee business. Just when the true love germinated between the two, Li Jiayu recovered all her memories, but instead of complaining and blaming, she fulfilled He Haoze and Zhou Xinyan, and through her unremitting efforts, she consolidated the economic foundation and won the support of her daughter.

In this process, Lin Tianming's indispensability deeply moved Li Jiayu. The relationship between the two is also finally close. This made Li Jiayu and Lin Tian Ming fall in love with each other. What will happen next? What if the end of the story later Li Jiayu recalled her memories? Will she return to her husband or choose Lin Tian Ming instead?

Detail of Good Wife

Title: Good Wife / 好 妻子 / Hao Qizi
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance
Country: China
Director: Luo Can Ran
Producer: Liu Chunli
Author: Jin Ying Yan
Screenwriter: Pinnacle Screenplay Studio
Production: Zhejiang Dingfeng Film Co., Ltd., Tencent Pictures, Climax Pictures
Filming Location: Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai
TV Stations: Tencent Video, WeTV, QQLive
Number of Episodes: 56
Length of each episode: 45 minutes
Airing Period: May 7, 2020
Showtimes: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 19:00

Cast of Good Wife

Betty Yao Qianyu as Li Jia Yu
Lee Wei as Lin Tian Ming
Zhou Yu Tong as Zhou Xin Yan
Tiger Li Tai as He Hao Ze
Jiang Yi Yuan as Zheng Ya Nan
Zhu Xiang Yang as Li Jia Xing
Zhao Wen Xuan as Lin Guo Dong
Xia Li Xin as Shen Fen Fang
Yue Yue Li as He Zhen Guo
Xu Rong Zhen as Gu Min
Wang Dao as Li Zheng Dao
Chang Liang as Jiang Da Jiu
Shen Lei as Zheng Liang Wei
Hong Mu as Wu Mei Li
Li Luo Fei as He Rui Rui
Ge Ji Wei as Secretary Liu
Xiang Hao as Secretary Jin
Zhao Zi Bo as Jiang Chengyu
Qi Bai Xue as Lawyer Cui
Jin Hui as Zhang Shu Zhe

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