Happy Hunter (欢喜 猎人) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Happy Hunter (欢喜 猎人) is the latest Chinese drama that airs from May 29, 2020 on the Youku Tv drama web channel. The science fiction - romantic comedy genre drama will have 44 episodes.

An actor and singer Bao Bei Er starring in the previous Mandarin drama "My Enemy, My Neighbor" became a major player. The drama also stars Jia Ling, Bao Wen Jing, Qi Yu Wu and Chloe Zhao who play in the drama Legend of Awakening. 

Happy Hunter (欢喜 猎人) series was produced in 2016 and filming took place in Beijing and several locations in Thailand. The series tells that by chance, "The Horned Man" Kuang Tianbao got acquainted with the treasure he fell in love with at first sight and the monster hunter Jia Xiaoling.

Synopsis of Happy Hunter

The series tells about the strange adventures of female monster hunters along with Mutants to protect humans from evil aliens trying to take over the earth.

Kuang Tianbao (Bao Beier), is a mutant human, he is a man who cannot get sick, grow old or even die. But actually he wants to be a normal human being in general.

Happy Hunter Synopsis Cast
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For this reason, Kuang Tian Bo sought help. He met with Jia Xiaoling (Jia Ling), a tough and brave female monster hunter. He fell in love at first sight, but several things happened that led to a misunderstanding.

They both finally traveled to the past. Kuang Tian Bo and Jia Xiao Ling tried to change the previous incident and their life.

Without realizing it, actually the two men must face obstacles that are very dangerous, not imagined before. What is the end of the story of Kuang Tianbao's journey and adventure with Jia Xiaoling next? Will they be able to face all obstacles?

Details of Happy Hunter

Title: Happy Hunter / 欢喜 猎人 / Huan Xi Lie Ren
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Country: China
Filming location: Beijing
Year Production: 2020
Director: Li Nan, Shen Yujie, Ma Yiheng
Producer: Bao Beier
Screenwriter: Bao Bei'er, Zhang Peng, Li Yuwei, Hao Yimei
Production: Mango Entertainment, Big Bowl Entertainment
TV channel: Youku
Number of Episodes: 44 Episode
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes
Premiere: 2020-05-29 (Chinese mainland)
Showtimes: Monday - Sunday, 18:00 CST

Cast of Happy Hunter

Bao Beier as Kuang Tianbao
Jia Ling as Jia Xiaoling
Zhang Xiaofei as Zhen Bao
Bao Wenjing as Yu Wei
Qi Yuwu as Yi Ming
Chloe Zhao Yihuan as Xiao Bai
Lu Siyu as Jiao Zi
De Bo as Lu Xiaoxu
Zhu Tianfu as Han Kun
Wei Xiang as Xiao Tian
Zeng Yijun as Ou Yangxuan
Lam Suet as Ou Yangxue
Law Kar-ying as Wu Ba
Wen Song as Wang Fuxiang
Lin Shuang as Jing Jing


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