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Intense Love (韫色过浓) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Intense Love (韫色过浓) is the latest romantic Chinese drama which will air from May 2, 2020 on the Mango TV television channel. Adapted from the novel of the same name "Yun Se Guo Nong" by Liu Mangxing.

This drama  will be starring Zhang Yu Xi who has played in the Mandarin series "I Cannot Hug You" and "Dear Prince".

This time he will compete acting with actor Ding Yu Xi and for other players there are Shi Ming Ze, Wang Yanluo Rong, Lin Xin Yi.

Synopsis of Intense Love

A love story between an actress and a doctor. Su Jin Bei (Zhang Yu Xi) is a top actress. Many people who already know her and some who hate her. She has a beautiful and sweet appearance like a princess. She is also always escorted by her secretary. One day Su Jin Bei was injured and had to be treated at a hospital.

Intense Love Synopsis Cast
Image Via Mango Tv

There she was handled by Doctor Zhou Shi Wen (Ding Yu Xi), a male doctor who was very talented, genius and handsome. The charm of a beautiful face makes doctor Zhou Shi Wen have an extraordinary appearance and while in the hospital, fans of actress Su Jin Bei tried to hurt her, but Dr. Zhou Shi Wen managed to protect her.

That made actress Su Jin Bei start to be attracted to him. With the spoiled nature of Su Jin Bei, she always followed Zhou Shi Wen. An intense love affair begins! How does their next love story end? Will Su Jin Bei succeed in getting Zhou Shi Wen's heart?

Detail of Intense Love 

Title: Intense Love/ 韫 色 过浓/ Yun Se Guo Nong
Genre: Romance
Country: China
Director: Cai Cong
Producer: -
Writer Yin Hang, Liu Yu Fan
Production: Mango TV
TV channel: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: Starting May 2, 2020
Showtimes: Saturday

Cast of Intense Love

Zhang Yu Xi as Su Jin Bei
Ryan Ding Yu Xi as Zhou Shi Wen
Shi Ming Ze as Xu Jia Wei
Julio Wang Yanluo Rong as Xiao YuanSong
Lin Xin Yi as Zhou Su Ying
Wu Yang as Di Ma
Zhang Yao as Gao Zi Tong

Official Website: Mango Tv

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