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Itoshi no Nina (い と し の ニ ー ナ) Synopsis And Cast: Japan Drama

Itoshi no Nina aka "Nina My Love" is a Japanese drama series adapted based on the manga comic series of the same name and will air from May 18, 2020 on FOD Fuji TV.

The drama will have 8 airing episodes that are broadcast every midnight Sunday morning. Starring Okada Kenshi, Hotta Mayu, Mochizuki Ayumu and Kasamatsu Sho.

School and Romance genre, this new drama tells the story of a young man falling in love, but the woman he loves is kidnapped by his own best friend.

Synopsis of Drama Itoshi no Nina

The story "Nina My Love" will center on a middle school child who is in love at first sight of a girl. But he realized that his best friend had kidnapped the girl he loved.

One day, Toyama Atsushi, played by Okada Kenshi, was suddenly told by her close friend Oshikawa Masayuki played by Mochizuki Ayumu that she had kidnapped Aoita Nina (Hotta Mayu).

Ithosi no Nina cast
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Masayuki is a middle school student who wears glasses and is rather fat. He has been good friends with Atsushi since elementary school. He fell in love with Nina while on the train on her way to school. Ushijima kidnapped Nina and kidnapped her.

Ushijima Kiyoshi is actually a schoolmate with Atsushi and Masayuki but he has a bad character of violence. Aoita Nina is a 2nd year female student at Seiryu Jogakuen. After that incident, he was worried and had difficulty sleeping.

Nina asks Toyama Atsushi to be her bodyguard and protects him from Ushijima. With Toyama Atsushi, Nina can be more comfortable and know each other. Toyama Atsushi itself is a new student in high school. Even though he was afraid of the abduction, he still helped Nina. Atsushi also began to realize that he likes Aoita Nina and finally they are dating.

Details of Itoshi no Nina

Title: Itoshi no Nina / Nina My Love / Nina the beloved / い と し の ニ ー ナ
Genres: School, Romance, Manga
Country: Japan
Director: Nara 󠄀 Rei Kino, Hiroyuki Nakata
Screenwriter: Tomoko Akutsu, Nishikiori Iyo
Producer: Ueshikauchi
Production: Fuji Television Network, Inc
TV channel: Fuji TV
Number of Episodes: 8
Airing Period: May 18, 2020 - July 6, 2020
Showtimes: Every Sunday at 24:00 JST

Cast of Itoshi no Nina

Okada Kenshi as Toyama Atsushi
Hotta Mayu as Aoita Nina
Mochizuki Ayumu as Oshikawa Masayuki
Kasamatsu Sho as Ushijima Kiyoshi
Nagami Rea as Morioka Asami, Nina's best friend
Ushijima Miyabi, Kiyotaka's stepbrother

Official Website: Fuji Tv

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