Legend of the Mermaid (东海 人鱼 传): Chinese Movie 2020

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The Legend of Mermaid is the latest Chinese film genre Romance, Historical, Fantasy which aired on Tencent Video, QQLive and WeTV on February 21 2020. Here are the synopsis and the cast

Starring Liang Ting Wei, he has previously played in the Mandarin films "Seventeen And A Half Years Old" and "Mr. No Problem ".

Besides him, there were also Qiao Shi Yuan, Xu Shao Wu and Lu Yu who also appeared as the main players.

The film, also known as "The Mermaid in East China Sea" was produced on January 10, 2019 and directed by Cui Yan Long.

Synopsis of Legend of The Mermaid

The story is set in the Ming Dynasty. Captain Yang Lie, played by Liang Ting Wei, is the leader of the fleet who travels secretly to the East Sea in search of a hidden island.

Yang Li had been used to roaming around since he was little. At the age of 10, he was taken to the devil training camp by Jin Yiwei. He grew big and strong.

Legend of the Mermaid (东海 人鱼 传)
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Unexpectedly, there was a tense situation where the storm of the Sea Dragon came and destroyed the ship. They began to starve and get cold.

But a beautiful woman arrived on time, Xi Yin played by Qiao Shi Yuan saved them and took her to her home on the island of Penglai Xian. Xi Yin is an innocent and kindhearted merman. She's a woman who wants to know everything. There are shark beads in his heart and that allows Xi Yin to live freely in water. He likes sweets the same as Yang Lie.

Like a dream, after being saved by Xi Yin, Yan Lie was also blown away by the treasure on the island. After a while the man and the kind and innocent mermaid Xi Yin slowly developed feelings for each other.

On the other hand, the island of Penglai Xian is in a state of crisis, where strange creatures with dark power have begun to appear. Will Yan Lie be able to overcome all this? How does the romantic story of Emperor Yan Lie and Mermaid Xi Yin end?

Details of Legend of The Mermaid

Title: The Legend of Mermaid / East Sea Mermaid / 东海 人鱼 传 / Dong Hai Ren Yu Zhuan
Genres:: Romance, Historical, Fantasy
Country: China
Director: Cui Yan Long
Producers: Lin Yi, Zhu Jian, Run Ze
Scenario writer: -
Cinematography: Hao Gui Min
Production: Shenzhen Datang Xinghe Culture Media Co., Ltd.
Duration: 1 hour 19 minutes
TV channel: Tencent, WeTV, QQ Live

Cast of Legend of The Mermaid

Liang Ting Wei as Yan Lie
Qiao Shi Yuan as Xi Yin
Xu Shao Wu as Gao De Hai
Lu Yu as Zhao Zhoung

Official Website: Tencent

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