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Love Scenery (良辰美景 好 时光) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

Love Scenery (良辰美景 好 时光) is the latest Chinese drama Romance genre that will be aired on the Youku TV channel in the second half of 2020.

Adapted based on the novel "Ming Qiang Yi Duo, An Jian Nan Fang" by Qiao Yao. Filming was worked on by director Qin Zhen in Hangzhou and Hengdian World Studios.

However, with the Coronavirus pandemic, the filming of this drama had a temporary delay. Many famous Chinese artists starred in this drama, they were Lin Yi who had played in the drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder, Lulu Xu, Hu Bing, Zhong Dan Ni and Harry Hu.

Synopsis of Love Scenery

Tells about a romantic and love story between a fourth-year computer major and a singer. Zhu Liang Chen, played by Lulu Xu and Lu Jing played by Lin Yi, are two people who shine and are experts in their respective fields.

Liang Chen is a young girl who wants to give a good voice to the music she plays. He has the purest and most beautiful voice for his fans.

Love scenery cast
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Meanwhile Lu Jing was a young man who was known as a popular game player. As a gamer, he likes analytics and computing because he works in studying the complex human behavior.

He is one of the loyal fans of Liang Chen who is none other than his junior at school. Two people who are both pursuing their dreams and then meet and establish a romantic storyline. How did Lu Jing and Zhu Liang Chen's romantic love end?

Details of Love Scenery

Title: Love Scenery / 良辰美景 好 时光 / Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang
Genre: Romance
Country: China
Director: Qin Zhen
Producer: Tang Nie Jing, Yang Xiao Xin
Author: Qiao Yao
Production: Star Lotus Pictures
TV station: Youku
Number of Episodes: 35
Airing Period: July 2020

Cast of Love Scenery

Lin Yi as Lu Jing
Lulu Xu as Zhu Liang Chen
Harry Hu
Hu Bing
Zhong Dan Ni

Official Website: Youku

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