Midsummer is Full of Hearts (仲夏 满天 心): Chinese Drama

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Midsummer is Full of Hearts (仲夏 满天 心) is the latest Chinese drama production by Tencent Penguin Pictures with the genre Comedy and Romance which will air from June 2020. Here are the synopsis and the cast ....

This drama was adapted from the famous Korean manhwa comic by Soo Yon Won, entitled "Full House" and was made a television series several times. The story of how a woman's house was sold by her friends and ended up living with a famous celebrity.

Yang Chao Yue and handsome actor Timmy Xu who played in the drama My Girlfriend became the main players. Besides the two of them, the new Mandarin series also stars Kira Shi, Leo Li, Jiang Zi Xin and Taiwanese artist Crawdia Chou.

The drama, which has 24 episodes of broadcast, if interpreted is "The Story of Summer Love" and aired on Tencent Video and WeTV and has available English Subtitles.

Synopsis of Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Tells about a romantic and comedy story between a rookie musician who meets a popular idol and must be forced to live together under one roof.

Luo Tian Ran, played by Yang Chao Yue, is a young girl who has high self-esteem. Her funny nature is also sometimes unique.

Midsummer is Full of Hearts
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In the past, her only dream was to become a composer even though she was deaf. Coincidentally, Luo Tian Ran met the figure of a famous idol star named Jin Ze Yi played by Timmy Xu. He came and lived in the same house. Jin Ze Yi's personality is totally different from Luo Tian Ran.

With two people who have opposite personalities, they spend time together until there are many funny and romantic events. Those who don't get along initially are hard to believe to unite, but in the process they fall in love.

How does the romantic story end between Luo Tian Ran and Jin Ze Yi next? Will they be together forever?

Details of Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Title: Midsummer is Full of Hearts / 仲夏 满天 心 / Zhong Xia Man Tian Xin /
心动 满屋 / Xin Dong Man Wu / Full House
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Director: Zhang Li Chuan
Producer: Zhao Jie
Screenwriter: Xi Xiao Qin, Li Li Sha, Jian Bai, Xin Xiao Yang
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Dream Max
TV channel: Tencent Video, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: Starting June 2020

Cast of Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Yang Chao Yue as Luo Tian Ran
Timmy Xu as Jin Ze Yi
Leo Li Jia Ming as Yun Shu
Guess Shi Shi as Tiffany
Yang Chao Yue as Luo Tianran
Jiang Zi Xin as Jin Xiao Qin
Tiffany Zhong as Meng Meng
Liu Miao Lin as Lin Che
Crawdia Chou / Zhou Li Wei

Official Website: Tencent Video

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