Mr. Fox and Miss Rose (酋长的男人) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

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Mr. Fox and Miss Rose (酋长的男人) is the latest romantic Chinese drama that will air on Tencent Video and WeTV starting May 28, 2020.

The 26-episode drama was aired by famous director Zhu Dong Ning, who worked on the popular Mandarin drama "Put Your Head on My Shoulder".

Tells the story of a primitive village girl with a modern man. Young and beautiful artist Zhang Ya Qin became the main player. He has starred in the drama Legend of Fu Yao.

For acting opponents is Ren You Lun who previously starred in the 2019 series "These Brothers Have Some Problems". Not only the two of them, this drama also presents Chen Xi Jun, Jie Bing and Jiang Peng.

"Mr. Fox and Miss Rose "with English Subtitles and others can be watched for free on the WeTV Online application or web streaming.

Synopsis of Fox and Miss Rose

Tells the story of the head of a woman from a mysterious primitive tribe who meets a modern man and unexpectedly establishes an attachment to one another. Gao Zhen He, played by Ren You Lun is a top class man and comes from a rich family. He is a jeweler of jewelery.

One day while driving his car, he suddenly had a serious accident. The speedometer of his car also became strange, he fell into a cliff and the car was badly damaged. When he woke up, he found a mysterious place inhabited by primitive tribes, respected by women.

Since then Gao Zhen He had lived in that place and the female chief was Xing Yue played by Zhang Ya Qin. Xing Yue is a female head, she does not understand love and she is from a primitive village filled with frankness, anger and frank type of girl. A figure like a spiritual animal and thorny roses.

Mr. Fox and Miss Rose Synopsis
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After the Xing Yue tribal leader rescued Gao Zhen He, she wanted Gao Zhen He to be her husband. For the prize is a rare gem that is very valuable. While in the tribe, there were many misunderstandings and romantic incidents between Xing Yue and Gao Zhen He.

But Gao Zhen He did that only by pretending. He intends to plan all this. After that run away to escape to the city alone. In the process, after successfully escaping to return home, it turns out Xing Yue managed to follow him and find him back. Because of being her partner, she is always with Gao Zhen He.

At the home of Gao Zhen He, Xing Yue was astonished by modern and contemporary tools. Because all this time she was raised in a remote tribe who had never known these objects. Will Xing Yue be able to adapt in her new place? How does the love story between Xing Yue and Gao Zhen He end? Will Gao Zhen He really love her?

Details of Mr. Fox and Miss Rose

Title: Mr. Fox and Miss Rose / 酋长 的 男人 / Qiu zhang de nan ren
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Country: China
Director: Zhu Dong Ning
Producer: Geng Ji Hong, Zhang Yi Jia
Screenwriter: Qin Qin
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Litian TV & Film
TV channel: Tencent, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 26
Airing Period: May 28, 2020
Showtimes: 8:00 P.M.

Cast of Mr. Fox and Miss Rose

Zhang Ya Qin as Xing Yue
Ren You Lun as Gao Zhen He
Chen Xi Jun as Yi Tian
Jiang Peng as Qin Shu
Jie Bing as Chen Wen Quan
Yu Chen as Xia Na
Huang Yu Quan as Dong Yun Peng
Yu Guo Er as Li An

Official Website: Tencent

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