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My Dear Destiny (亲爱 的 义 祁 君) Synopsis And Cast: C-Drama

My dear destiny (亲爱 的 义 祁 君) is the latest Chinese drama series Historical and Romance genre that will air on the Youku channel starting May 18, 2020.

This drama was worked on by director Shen Jin Fe and presented a series of famous artists. Hu Yi Xuan, who previously starred in "I'm a Pet At Dali Temple", was the main player with actor Zhang Si Fan.

Not only the two of them, the drama which will have a duration of 36 episodes also stars Wang Zi Tong, Li Ge Yang, Hu Wen Zhe.

Synopsis of My Dear Destiny

During the Yi era there were groups of Humans, Wolves and Wizards living peacefully and together in the dangerous land of Zhangzhou.

Mi Qi Qi, played by Hu Yi Xuan, is an immortal saint girl from an ancient spirit who is always optimistic, funny and optimistic.

She has been expelled from her tribe and is now involved with prince Lu Ao of Yizhi played by Zhang Si Fan.

My Dear Destiny cast
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He is an arrogant man, strong in martial arts and always careful in his life. Now Mi Qi Qi becomes a princess and works with Lu Ao to protect and preserve peace in the natural world that is in turmoil between the three tribes.

On their journey the two of them eventually fell in love and were attracted to each other. What happen in the ending story of Mi Qi Qi and Lu Ao's next struggle? Will they succeed in bringing the people of this world back to peace?

Details of My Dear Destiny

Title: My Dear Destiny / 亲爱 的 义 祁 君 / Qin Ai De Yi Qi Jun
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Filming Location: Duyun, Guizhou
Director: Shen Jin Fe, Hu Bo
Producer: Zhang Li
Screenwriter: Lin Qing, Liu Jia Hui
Starring: Zhang Sifan, Hu Yixuan, Li Geyang, Wen Bixia.
Production: Culture Media Co., Ltd.
TV station: Youku
Number of Episodes: 36
Length of Each Episode: 45 Minutes
Airing Period: May 18, 2020
Showtimes: Every Monday

Cast of My dear destiny

Zhang Si Fan as Lu Ao, Prince of Yizhi
On Yi Qijun, he is arrogant, arrogant, strong and arrogant, and martial arts strong. Be cautious in his daily life and keep his eyes clean.

Hu Yi Xuan as Mi Qi Qi / Chou Qing Li
The ancient spirit girl is a optimist with no heart and lungs. The brain hole is huge, and the small theater in the brain is often staged, and the super face control.

Li Ge Yang as Lu Che, Prince Ji
He is handsome, thoughtful and indifferent. Naturally talented and talented, he is very well-reviewed in the Korea Stroke.

Hu Wen Zhe as Wu Ji
Warm like jade, warm heart and wise. 

Irene Wan as Empress Dowager Gao
Wang Zi Tong as Lian Qiao
Wang Qian as Wang Sheng Hua
Ma Xin Yu as Lan Yu
Lyan Zhang as Ling Gui Fei
Wang Zi Tong as Lian Qiao
Jessica Li Jin Qiu as Fu Dong
Zhang Lan Yi as Royal Consort Lian
Zhou Geng Yu as Xiao Yinzi
Li Lin Wei as A Heng
Lin Zhi as Hei Yu


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