My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain (我的金山银山): Chinese Drama

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My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain (我的金山银山) is the latest Chinese drama that aired on the Dragon TV television channel starting May 8, 2020 every day at 7:30 P.M. Here are the synopsis and the cast.

The 38-episode daily drama can also be watched online on the Web streaming Youku and Tencent Video. Produced by FJ Media Group, filming for the filmmaking takes place on November 23, 2017 to February 2018 and is located in the Fujian area.

Long-time actor Fan Ming who once appeared starring in the drama Lucid Water Lush Mountain became the main player with Dai Lele, Shi An and Kent Zhao En.

Synopsis of My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain

Tells about a reform and development will form a new village to reduce poverty. Following Tang Liang's secretary, played by Shi An and businessman Tang Xiaomin, played by Dai Lele) who returned to his hometown.

There they were also assisted by the village head Fan Xinghuo (Fan Ming) to prosper the villagers to get out of poverty.

Synopsis of My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain
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They began to build, relocate, joint planting and tourism development for all this. However in the process they themselves also experienced some problems and conflicts.

How does the end of the story from them next? Will their efforts to get the villagers out of poverty successful?

Details of My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain

Title: My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain /
Chines Title: 我 的 金山银山 / Wo De Jin Shan Yin Shan
Genre: Drama
Country: China
Director: Shen Yan, Ben Fang
Producer: Shen Yan, Ben Fang
Screenwriter: Xu Jundong, Ren Yan
Production: FJ Media Group
TV stations: Dragon TV, Youku, Tencent
Number of Episodes: 38
Airing Period: May 8, 2020
Showtimes: Every Monday - Sunday at 19:30 CST

Cast of My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain

Fan Ming as Fan Xing Huo
Dai Lele as Tang Xiao Jun
Shi An as Tang Liang
Kent Zhao En as Tang Wan
Zhan Li Guo as Sun Wei
Jia Bo Ya as Chen Anan
Li Hong Tao as Tang Lao Da
Wang Wei as Fan Bai Lu
Song Jia Teng as Fan Fen Dou
Ma Shu Liang as Fan Xing Gui
Zhou Kui as Tang Er Qiang
Wang De Shun as Lao Shou Xing
Wei Zi Xin as Wang Zhen Chang
Guo Yafei as Wei Qiu Xiang
Rong Fei as Ma Da Li
Chen Yanyan as Zhang Na Na
Bo Zitong as Lin Ying

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