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Novoland Pearl Eclipse (斛珠夫人; 九州·斛珠夫人): Chinese Drama

Novoland Pearl Eclipse aka "Eclipse of the Pearl" is the latest Chinese drama produced by Tencent Pictures which will air on WeTV starting the second half of 2020.

This Mandarin drama is adapted based on a novel of the same name by Xiao Ruse. The story takes place in the fantasy world of Novoland, the Zheng dynasty.

Following about a young girl from the merfolk tribe and her love story for two men. Starring a series of famous Chinese artists, including Yang Mi who has played in the drama series "Legend of Fuyao" and "Eternal Love".

This time Yang Mi will compete acting with actor William Chan from the drama series "The Legend of Zu". There were also Xu Kai Cheng, Chen Xiao Yun, Wilson Wang and Yuan Yu Xuan.

Synopsis of Novoland Pearl Eclipse

Set in the Zheng dynasty in the vast sea of ​​Novoland, a magical pearl search takes place and it can only be obtained from a young dragon girl who is crying. This led to the massacre of Merfolk. Because of this big incident Hai Shi, played by Yang Mi, lost her parents, including a large population on the coast of Yu.

In uncertain conditions and increasingly critical lives, Hai Shi met with Fang Zhu played by William Chan, he was the royal man who was the first official of the imperial court. Although a eunuch, actually, he was a young general and Prince Qing Hai. But his identity was hidden by the emperor.

Novoland Pearl Eclipse Synopsis Cast
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Then Hai Shi decided to become a student of Fang Zhu. Not long ago, the imperial palace of the Zheng dynasty was in such a state of chaos that conflicts between other kingdoms occurred. Zhu Zhong Xu, who was an Emperor, could not maintain the order in his palace. He seems like a ruler who only cares to pamper himself.

Much support came continuously from Fang Zhu to enable this nation to see a peaceful time again. Since then, Hai Shi was assigned to be the emperor's personal guard and she began to be attracted to him. In the end there are often some misunderstandings between them.

Once the Emperor knew that Hai Shi was a young woman and he began to fall in love with her. On the other hand Hai Shi had to face her feelings towards two men, Fang Zhu and the Emperor. What will happen with the end of their triangle love story? Will Hai Shi choose Fang Zhu? or does she choose the Emperor instead?

Details Novoland Pearl Eclipse

Title: Novoland Pearl Eclipse / Eclipse Pearl /
斛 珠 夫人 / 九州 · 斛 珠 夫人, Jiu Zhou Hu Zhu Fu Ren
Genres:: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Director: Lin Yu Fen
Producer: Gao Chen
Author: Zhang Lin Nan
Production: Zhejiang Dingfeng Film Co., Ltd.,
Tencent Pictures, Climax Pictures
TV station: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Jay Walk Studio
Number of Episodes: 55

Cast of Novoland Pearl Eclipse

Yang Mi as Fang Hai Shi / Ye Hai Shi
William Chan as Fang Zhu / Fang Jian Ming
Xu Kai Cheng as Di Xu / Zhu Zhong Xu
Chen Xiao Yun as Ti Lan / Zi Zan
Wilson Wang as Zhou Ying / Duo Han /
Duo Luo, Guards around Fang Zhu.
Yuan Yu Xuan as Zhe Liu.

Official Website: Tencent

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