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Bad News! Özge Yagiz Will Not Be in Yemin (The Promise) 3rd Season

Kanal 7's beloved series Yemin had made the season finale in recent weeks. Fans of the show have begun curious waits for the new 3rd season.

Yemin (The Promise) series 245th episode completed the 2nd season. When will the new 3rd season air? The answers to such questions were also the subject of curiosity. All those who are curious about the season can be found in our news.

Yemin (The Promise) series, which attracted great attention with its first two seasons, had made the season finale in recent weeks. Fans of the show have begun curious waits for the new season. Here are all the details..

When Will The new 3rd Season air?
In the finale of Yemin (The Promise) series, the audience was also given a clip of the challenging and happy moments of Reyhan and Emir's love. They'll probably have to wait until September or October to find out what's going to happen in the season finale series.

Özge Yagiz Has Left The Seres
"It is true that özge Yağız will not be in the series "Yemin (The Promise)" next season. This separation took place because our player ended his role due to neither his contract nor the scenario" statements.

It's the third time in the series. "Next season, we will continue to tell our story with our excitement on the first day. We appreciate your understanding, your common sense and your interest. See you in season 3".

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What is the last story of Yemin (The Promise)?
Kanal 7's highly anticipated series will also drag viewers from emotion to emotion in the second season. In the new season, when love is waging a war on the challenge, the audience is waiting for new surprises.

The great secret emerges, the stones move, and nothing can be the same anymore...
What will Reyhan do now, which replaces the heavy burden in his heart with his love?
Will Amir, who replaced his anger with love, will remain calm after what he has learned?

Cavidan will again be the biggest obstacle facing them as he waits for a bigger battle for two young men with love. Hikmet, who has taken everything for the good and happiness of his loved ones, has been helpless this time and will do his best to get what Cavidan wants to move with his ambition again.

Will two lovers who love each other like crazy will be able to claim their love, free from necessity but suffered great wounds?

After all this, Kemal finds himself in an ordinary life. Kemal,who has turned into a man who has nothing but his daughter and work, will change his routine life with Narin, where their paths intersect. Narin, who comes out of his past with a great secret, will fall for a life he never expected. They both don't know that even more difficult times are waiting for them as they struggle to put them behind great challenges. Read Also Synopsis And Cast of Yemin (The Promise)

Will Kemal, who has his heart completely in love, resist the love that knocks on his door?
Will Narin choose to stay in this port where he stopped like a passenger or go?

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