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Princess Agent (特工皇妃楚乔传) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Princess Agent (特工皇妃楚乔传) is 2017 a colossal serial of the Chinese Empire. With main actors Zhao Ling as Xinger, Lin Gengxin as Yuwen Yue and Shawn Dou as Yanxun.

The series starts airing tomorrow, June 5, 2017 on Hunan TV channel with a duration of 68 episodes, this series is also known by the local title "Te Gong Huang Fei Chu Qiao Zhuan".

The Mandarin series "Princess Agents" is adapted from a famous novel called 11 处 特工 皇妃 or 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei. The storyline of this drama will tell a slave girl carried out by western Wi, but finally it was the girl who managed to free her country from the slavery system.

For the Chinese drama player a beautiful and popular actress Zhao Zanilia has played in the popular series "The Legend of Zu". There is also actress Li Qin, then there is a handsome actor Lin Geng Xin with Dou Shawn who will be the male lead.

Synopsis of Princess Agent

This colossal series is set in an imperial era where slavery is still ongoing. Starting with Xing'er who fell into the abyss when fighting and lost his memory. Xing'er was saved but was later made a slave. Incidentally the palace was holding a hunt with female slaves as its object. Xing'er became one of the hunted by the young masters in the palace. Among the many women, only Xing'er survived despite severe injuries. He was then taken to the Qishan palace or the home of one of the palace officials to be a servant.

Xinger and Yuwen Yue
In the house has a young master named Yuwen Yue who is famous for being cold as snow. At the house Xing'er met his adopted brother. However, one of his sisters named Linxi was killed by Yuwen Yue in front of his eyes because of the alleged murder of Yuwen Yue's grandfather. Xing'er was determined to take revenge for the death of his brother to Yuwen Yue. It so happened that Yuwen Yue was looking for a maid who was only meant for silver servants. Whereas Xing'er is an iron steward who is the lowest stratum steward. For his hard efforts Xing'er was allowed to take part in the competition. With his intelligence and extraordinary abilities Xing'er managed to become a servant of Yuwen Yue's room

Princess Agents synopsis
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Xing'er- Yuwen Yue, From a spy to fall in love
Xing'er's extraordinary ability makes Yuwen Yue trust her to become a royal spy. Yuwen Yue also taught herself various martial arts and tricks in warfare. In the process the seeds of love emerged between them. But all did not go smoothly. There are many people who don't like them because of various interests. Including young masters who also like Xing'er a lot.

When Xinger intends to devote himself to Yuwen Yue, he discovers the fact that it turns out that Yuwen Yue's grandfather was not killed. His brother's death was only to cover up the lie of his grandfather's death. Feeling lied to by Yuwen Yue Xieng'er, Prince Yanxun's invitation to return to his hometown, Yanbei. But apparently not the peace that Xieng'er got when following Yanxun, but war for war. Moreover, having to face reality, the entire Yanxun family was slaughtered by the emperor because of accusations of rebellion.

Details of Princess Agents

Title: Princess Agents
Other Title: Te Gong Huang Fei / 1 处 特工 皇妃;特工 皇妃 楚 喬 傳
Genres: Romance, Historycal, Politic
Episodes: 68 (sixty eight)
Director: Wu Jin Yuan, Chen Guo Hua and Li Cai
Scriptwriter: he is Wen and Yang Tao with Chen Lan
Channel Station: Hunan TV
Country: China
Aired on: June 5, 2017, every Monday to Thursday at 22:00

My Review from this series
This series is quite emotional about each episode. Many unexpected stories were presented so they wanted to finish immediately. With the number of episodes that are quite long ie 58 episodes will not be bored.

Princess Agent for me is not just a serial that becomes entertainment. Many moral messages can be taken how to better appreciate life.

1. Revenge and the desire to repay will only destroy. Xieng'er's desire for revenge for the death of his brother and Yanxun over the death of his family made them sacrifice everything. Even the little people who have to be protected eventually endure it.

2. Don't easily believe and have to be wise to be a leader. At the instigation of imperial officials who did not like Duke Denbei namely Yanxun's father made the king make the wrong decision. This decision must be paid handsomely by rebellion, death of a great concubine, and suffering of royal members.

3. What is seen is not always the same as what actually happens. Like the killing Yuwen Yue committed against Linxi is a form of help. Because if not killed immediately then the body will explode and be more painful. But Xinger didn't understand it.

4. Love does not have to be beside a loved one but always tries to protect. That's what Yuwen Yue and Xinger did. Although they often meet on the battlefield, both of them will always protect one another.

The triangle of Love
Even though this Princess Agent is serial again, there are still many romantic scenes. So it's not just a matter of martial arts scenes. The love triangle between Yunwen Yue, Xinger and Yanxun is interesting to follow. Not to mention the attention of Prince Song and Prince of Liang that made Xinger always safe despite the danger.

For lovers of happy ending films, you will not meet him in this film. A bit of a spoiler anyway, the end of the film Princess Agent is arguably hanging. Many stories are incomplete and unsolved. Reportedly, there will indeed be a season 2. But the film which has been aired since 2017 until this release has not been continued. Some say the player Xing'er is not willing to continue because during the shooting process many suffered injuries.

Princess agent series is based on the novel "Listening Snow Tower" by Cang Yue. In the novel there is a continuation of season 2 which ends in a happy ending. We just wait, hopefully soon release season 2 so that the curiosity of the lovers of this film can be cured.

Cast of Princess Agent 

Zhao Liying as Chu Qiao / Jin Xiaoliu / Xing'er
Lin Gengxin as Yuwen Yue
Shawn Dou as Yan Xun
Li Qin as Yuan Chun
Kwok Fung as Yuwen Zhuo
Chin Shih-chieh as Yuwen Xi
Wang Dong as Yuwen Hao
Wang Yanlin as Yuwen Huai
Xing Zhaolin as Yue Qi
Yuan Quan as Yue Shiwu
Li Ang as Zhan Mou
Fu Jia as Zhu Shun
Rain Lau as Mrs Song
Cao Xiyue as Jin Zhu
Wang Yu as Jin Si
Li Chunyuan as Ah Luo
Liu Yuqi as Ying Tao'er
Sun Yi as Yue Jiu
Jiang Yiyi


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