Rascal (暴走武林学园) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

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Rascal (暴走武林学园) also known as "Bao zou wu lin xue yuan" is the latest Wuxia China drama Comedy genre which will air starting May 27, 2020 on the iQiyi Video web channel.

The drama stars are: Pang Han Chen, Liu Ying Lun, Wen Sheng, Zuo Qi Bo and Taiwanese actress Nita Xia who has starred in the drama Before We Get Married.

The mandarin series, which has 36 episodes, tells the story of a five-member faction that forms a martial arts group to fight crime in the world.

Synopsis of Rascal

In ancient times, there was a mysterious country filled with martial arts. The continent is led by five colleges of major martial arts. Ten years ago a person named Xiong Ba challenged the five colleges. A hero appeared and succeeded in bringing the land of the martial arts country back into peace.

To fight the world from dangerous criminals five main schools set up joint colleges aimed at training people who have martial arts. In the process, it didn't go well because a group of troubled youths always did a funny series of martial arts at the "United College" Academy.

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The five of them consisting of Yun Wu Wei (Pang Han Chen) are men who want to make money but he is not active in doing it. Ye Zi Piao (Liu Ying Lun) is a young woman with emotions and high temperament. Wu Xiu (Wen Sheng) is a shy and phobic figure towards women.

Yu Fei (Xia Ruo Yan) is a cute and silly girl and another one is Qi You San (Zuo Qi Bo). They have different characters and don't know each other. But trying to love each other and learn well.

How does the end of their story? Will the five people succeed in practicing their martial arts and realize that they must face a fate that was unimaginable before?

Details of Rascal

Title: Rascal / 暴走 武林 学园 / Bao zou wu lin xue yuan
Genre: Drama
Country: Wuxia, Comedy
Director: Ye Chang Qing
Producer: -
Screenwriter: Charlie, Fu Wei, Li Lei
Production: Shanghai FCT Cultural Group Co., Ltd
TV station: iQiyi
Number of Episodes: 36
Airing Period: May 27, 2020
Showtimes: Wednesday

Cast of Rascal

Pang Han Chen as Yun Wu Wei
Liu Ying Lun as Ye Zi Piao
Wen Sheng as Wu Xiu
Xia Ruo Yan as Yu Fei
Zuo Qi Bo as Qi You San
Bo Cheng Jun as Hua An Huan
Zhu Yun Long as Hua Feng
Tian Shu Chen as Hua Jian
He Yi Fan as Hua Dian
Gou Chen Hao Yu as Hua Gong
Yang Ping as Li Bing
Li Cen Yi as Zhao Wu Ling

Official Website: iQiyi

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