Sapai Import (สะใภ้ อิมพอร์ต) Synopsis And Cast: Thailand Drama

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Sapai Import (สะใภ้ อิมพอร์ต) is Channel 7's latest Thai drama series produced by Pordeecom and airs from January 28, 2020 every Monday and Tuesday at 8:20 P.M.

Sapai Import (สะใภ้ อิมพอร์ต) tells the story of Lisa and Don who must run a contract marriage that is funny and interesting. Starring Mik Thongraya with Min Peechaya Wattanamontree as the main player. This comedy and romance drama series ends on March 24, 2020 with a duration of 17 episodes.

Synopsis Reaches Imports

This drama focused a girl about Lisa, played by Min Peechaya Wattanamontree. She attended school and graduated in England, came from a rich and very spoiled family.

When Lisa returned to her home country, Thailand, she realized that now her parents had a substantial debt. Finally, she was forced to find work to pay off her parents' debt.

Sapai Import synopsis
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Don played by Mick Tongraya is the grandson of a very famous farm owner. When his grandfather Don died, he promised to make him a successor and manage his farm.

But this has a condition, to be a successor to agriculture Don is required to get married and have a baby in one year. If he can't do it, everything will belong to Don's cousin named Pitarn (Jukkaphan Wongkanit).

Although Don and Lisa have different lifestyles, destiny brings them together. Orn (Sawitree Samipak) who is Don's mother, likes Lisa and already considers her as her own daughter.

She wants her son to marry Lisa soon. Initially they both rejected the plan, but after Orn gave the news that she would soon die, Lisa finally agreed to marry Don. Lisa is also thankful that her mother Don has helped her pay her parents' debts.

But Don and Lisa both don't love each other. They decide to pretend to be married for 6 months and sign the marriage contract promise. How does the story end? Will the two of them fall in love and be together forever?

Details of Sapai Import

Title: Sapai Import / สะใภ้ อิมพอร์ต
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Director: Thanaphon Phangdi
Screenwriter: Panthi
Producer: -
Production: Pordeecom
Tv Channel: Channel 7
Number of Episodes: 17
Airing Period: January 28, 2020 - March 24, 2020
Showtimes: Every Monday and Tuesday, 20:20

Cast of Reach Import

Mick Tongraya as Don
Min Pechaya Wattanamontri as Lisa
Aun Chayapol Bunnag as Dr. Mee
Jaibua Hidding as Rin
Jukkaphan Wongkanit as Pitarn (Pit)
May Sirin Kohkiat as Ratree
Bright Natthapat Jiraphawasut as Pat
Big Sarut Vijittranon as Wichai
Surakiat Bunnag (Pan)
Pair Mondhira Piamrattawong
Win Akarat Chuasirisuksakul
Sawitree Samipak as Orn, (Don & Rin's mother)
Rachaya Rakkasikorn as Lada, (Pit & Pat's Mother)
Suda Chuenban as Yai Thapthip
Trin Saetachock as Lisa's father

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