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Sword Dynasty (剑王朝) Synopsis And Cast: Chinese Drama

Sword Dynasty (剑王朝) is a drama produced by iQiyi in collaboration with other companies. The film is an adaptation of a novel that has also been adapted into an animated series. Filming took place at Hengdian World Studios and began on December 28, 2017. The film's own soundtrack, The Road was sung by Huang Zitao.

Sword Dynasty tells the story of a young man with a seemingly ordinary background but he always dreams that one day he will overthrow the ruling regime and kill the King who stands at the peak of power.

This story sets in a period of chaos and instability when the war spread to the mainland. Through an alliance held every seven years, the State of Wu returned to a position of power that put the three states of Ye, Qing and Su in dangerous positions. Ding Ning (Li Xian) was a young man suffering from a chronic illness, but he acted to shake the invincible Wu State and shock the jianghu world with extraordinary achievements to achieve immortal cultivation.

This Chinese drama about a story that revolves around a young man with a seemingly ordinary background who dreams every day to overthrow the ruling regime and kill the King who stands at the peak of power.

Many top artists from China starred in this Mandarin series. Call it the handsome actor Li Xian who previously starred in the Go Go Squid series! and for acting opponents are famous actress Li Yi Tong, the Demon Girl series actor and actor Huang Rong in the drama series The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

This is the first historical drama from Li Xian. The drama will air from November 6, 2019 on the iQiyi channel with a duration of 40 episodes. The story was adapted based on a novel of the same name and the drama ost song was sung by famous Chinese singer Huang Zitao aka Tao, a former member of K-pop EXO.

Synopsis of Sword Dynasty

In troubled years, people in all countries have survived in martial arts. Ding Ning (Li Xian), who suffers from stubborn illness in Fengming Wutong's wine shop, became a hottest existence in rivers and lakes due to a series of geniuses such as half-day prosperity and ten-day break-through. The dream of Bashan Jianshou Liang, whom she admired for many years.

Sword Dynasty synopsis
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From Lushan Association to Minshan Sword Association, Ding Ning and Prince Yuanzichu and Baiyangdong Brothers became more and more profound, and he gradually grew into a leader of young people. Heng Wang, Yuanwu and Queen Ye Zhen began to feel uneasy. The truth that they had betrayed Liang Jingmeng and Bashan Jianchang in the past was gradually revealed, and a world-defining decisive battle was ready to be launched.

At this time, Heng Guo is facing an unprecedented crisis. The current national disaster, life and death have become so insignificant, and time has complicated the original simple hatred. Parting and pain have made Ding Ning more and more stable. This time, he does not want to come again.

Detail of Sword Dynasty

Title: Sword Dynasty
Local Title: 剑 王朝 / Jian Wang Chao
Genres: Action, Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy
Episodes: 40
Director: Jones Ma Wah-Kon
Screenwriter: Rao Jun
Channel Station: iQiyi
Country: China
Showtimes: November 6, 2019

Cast of Sword Dynasty

Li Xian as Ding Ning
Li Yi Tong as Zhang Sun Qian Xue
Yao Di as Empress Zheng Xiu
Liu Yi Jun as Emperor Xuan Wu
Zhao Yuan Yuan as Ye Ce Leng
Peter Ho as Wang Jing Meng
Zong Feng Yan as Ba Li Xue Sue
Zhang Wei Na as Bai Shan Shui
Li Guang Fu as Xue Wang Xu
Liu Hai Lan as Xie Rou
Sun Shao Long as Su Qing
Yao Qing Ren as Li Xiang
Wang Zhuo Cheng as Feng Qing Han


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