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The Night of the Comet (彗星来的那一夜): Chinese Drama

The Night of the Comet is the latest Chinese drama genre Romance and Fantasy which aired on Mango TV from February 13, 2019 to March 7, 2019.

This drama has 16 episodes of broadcast and can be directly watched streaming with English Subtitles on the Youtube channel "芒果 TV 剧场 剧场 MGTV Drama Channel".

Starring famous artists, including Melody Tang and Jason Fu who have played in the Mandarin series "Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me" and the drama Cambrian Period.

Synopsis of The Night of the Comet

Tells about the love story of a popular artist who arrived in a parallel universe after experiencing a car accident in a tunnel. Until he finally met with this woman reporter who worked in his world as a writer.

The figure of a superstar named Cheng Hao, played by Jason Fu, has exchanged identity and identity with an alter ego from another parallel universe of Lu Hong Jian (Jason Fu), the figure of an internet novelist who hides his name.

The Night of the Comet Synopsis
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He became involved with a journalist named Lin Xiao Xiao (Mengjia Tang) who was none other than a fan figure who was crazy about Cheng Hao. How does their unique love story end? Will the two be united?

Details of The Night of the Comet

Title: The Night of the Comet
Chinese Title: 彗星来的那一夜/ Hui Xing Lai De Na Yi Ye
          (The Night of the Comet Coming)
Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery
Country: China
Director: Ah Niu
Producer: Zhang Yong, Cai Huaijun, Zhou Tao
Screenwriter: He Bai San Shao and Song Jin Juan
Production: Mango TV
TV Station: Mango TV
Number of Episodes: 16
Display Period: February 13 2019 - March 7 2019
Showtimes: Wednesday and Thursday at 20:00 CST

Cast of The Night of the Comet

Mengjia Tang as Lin Xiao Xiao
Jason Fu as Cheng Hao / Lu Hong Jian
Wang Xinyue as as Zhou Tiantian
Jing Yan jun is Xiao Tong
Zhang Yusen as Wu Dao Lao Shi
Liu Xin Ran as Zou Ling
Zhang Hao Sen as Xu Yaozu
Huang Rui as Xu Miao
Li Dong as Lu Weekly
Wei Jing as Lao Wu
Wang Duoren as Zhang Zhubian
Zhang Suli as Lin Xiao Xiao Wai Po
Liu Heng as Xiao Fan
Li Kai as Nian Qing Jing Cha
Yang Ziyi as Fen Sijia
Shen Yuyu as Fen Siyi
Ma Xiaoqiang as Yu Le Ji Zhe
Li Mingze as Dai Maonan
Ni Chaolong as Nan Fu Wu Yuan
Tian Yuanyuan as Nu Fu Wu Yuan

Official Website: Mango Tv

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