The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊): Chinese Drama

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The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊) is the latest Chinese drama with a romantic story and will be aired on WeTV starting June 26, 2020. Here is the synopsis and the cast ...

This drama was produced by Tencent Pictures, which has 24 airing episodes. Interesting story from a writer who entered the parallel world in a painting he made himself.

Zhao Lu Si who previously played in the Mandarin series "Love of Thousand Years" became the main player with Ryan Ding playing in the drama Intense Love.

Synopsis of The Romance of Tiger and Rose

From birth, a screenwriter finds herself a character in her own creation story. But She made it so that she wasn't meant to go through more than three episodes!

Chen Xiao Qian, played by Zhao Lu Si, is a writer who pours her heart, sweat and tears to create a great drama and the story will center on a woman's figure.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose
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What can start shooting quickly turns south because there is doubt from actor Han Ming Xing about the script.

Feeling persecuted, finally Chen Xiao Qian vowed to prove that she would create great work. But somehow, she was suddenly trapped in a parallel world in her own story where Chen Xiao Qian came alive.

In the story, Chen Xiao Qian becomes the 3rd princess and is a supporting character who is not very revealing.

She also has a bad reputation that is not meant to live long in the story. In the process, Chen Xiao Qian just wanted to reverse her destiny and start walking on her own. She is also involved between the arrogant prince and the black-bellied Han Dong (Ryan Ding) and the perfect Pei Heng (Sheng Ying Hao).

Handong is a wise and handsome prince while Pei Heng has a handsome face and is liked by many girls. What is the next story of Chen Xiao Qian? Will she be able to return to her world at the end of the story?

Details of The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Title: The Romance of Tiger and Rose / 传闻 中 的 陈 芊芊 / Zhuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
Genres: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Director: Cha Chuan Yi
Producer: Yu Bai Mei
Writer: Nan Zhen
Production: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Orange Image
TV stations: Tencent Video, WeTV
Number of Episodes: 24
Airing Period: June 26, 2020

Cast of The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Zhao Lu Si as Chen Xiao Qian
Ryan Ding Yu Xi as Han Dong
Sheng Ying Hao as Pei Heng
Zhou Zi Xin as Chen Chu Chu
Patrick Quan Pei Lun as Su Lin
Chen Ming Hao as Su Zi Ying

Official Website: Tencent

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