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Dharmakshetra Synopsis And Cast: Indian Drama

Dharmakshetra is a mythological drama series set in the aftermath of the Battle of the Mahabharata that is broadcast on the Indian television channel Epic . Epic story is told from the perspective of the different characters, as they are brought to the court of Chitragupta .

Synopsis of Dharmakshetra 

After the end of the 18 days of Mahabharata war , Pandavas and Kauravas arrive at the Chitragupta court where they have to respond to their actions from their past life.

Dharmakshetra episode
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In each episode one of the characters takes center stage to answer questions asked by Chitragupta on behalf of the others.

Cast of Dharmakshetra 

Bajrangbali Singh as Maharaj Chitragupt
Gaurav Ghatnekar as Krishna
Chandan Anand as Yudhishthir
Dinesh Mehta as Bheem
Ankit Arora as Arjun
Kashmira Irani as Draupadi
Gaurrav Walia as Duryodhan
Aarya Dharm Chand Kumar as Karna
Jagat Rawat as Shakuni
Amit Behl as Dronacharya
Maleeka Ghai as Gandhari
Anjali Rana as Kunti
Manish Raj Sharma as Dhritrashtra
Shishir Sharma as Vyas
Vishal Thakkar as Abhimanyu


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