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Ege’nin Hamsisi (Ege's Patron) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What is the synopsis of Ege’nin Hamsisi (Ege's Patron) series?, Who're in the cast?, And What the Character of the Cast?

TRT 1 met its audience for the first time last week, and Ege’nin Hamsisi (Ege's Patron) placed first in the ratings. Series lovers who are in the cast?, what the story? are questions searching over the internet. The series, which attracts attention with its funny, witty scenes as well as its emotion-laden script, will come to screens every Monday evening at 20.00 with new episodes on TRT 1. Here's what to know about the series...

Produced by Köprü Film-Ferhat Unique, directed by Mustafa Şevki Dogan, written by Bahar Filiz Ekinci. The series stars Iclal Aydin, Ugur Cavusoglu, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, Bestemsu Özdemir, Asuman Dabak, Eser Eyuboğlu and Hakan Bilgin.

The cast of the series showed the names that will take place in the series, which begin broadcasting on the evening of July 16th. The series will be on display on Monday evenings and will be on display with the story of two families from Ege and Black Sea. So, what characters will the play in the series?

Synopsis of Ege’nin Hamsisi

Presenting the wonderful flavors of their region, the black sea and egeli two restaurant owners developing around the funny, emotional, fun events, two different regional cultures are told about the naïve encounter.

Ege’nin Hamsisi Synopsis
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The Black Sea stage of the series was held in Çamlıhemşin, Hazelnut and Güneysu districts of Rize. Filming location of the series is taking place in Sığacik, izmir Seferihisar, the pearl of the region.

Character Cast of Ege’nin Hamsisi

Ivanal Aydin as Melahat Cinar
A complete Aegean woman...  Owner of Artichoke Heart... Deniz and Derya's mother... Very affectionate but the opposite is bad...

Ugur Cavusoglu as Sevket Gerginoglu
Zeynep and Omar's father. He's a master cook. A man who gets angry and calms down quickly. It drops like a bomb into the Aegean town.

Uraz Kaygılaroğlu as Deniz Cinar
He's an Aegean boy. Honest and Mert... You know, when they say, "Man of his mold... His life is turned upside down with the family who moved to town.

Bestemsu Özdemir as Zeynep Gerginoglu
Şevket's architect daughter, Omar's sister. She's a lame girl. He's stubborn as his father...   He finds love in a small Aegean pulp he never predicted.

Asuman Dabak as Fikret Gerginoglu
Şevket's sister, Zeynep and Omer's aunt. A grumpy, grumpy, unavoidable Black Sea woman. He's dedicated to the family. His favorite thing is the goose he put in revenge on his fiancée Nuri, who left his name.

Haldun Boysan as Esref Üzum
He owns the tea garden. He tries to solve everyone's problems with his fatherly attitude. He can't just fix himself.

Eser Eyuboğlu as Dursun Dursunoglu
Zeynep's belati from the Black Sea. He has only one goal in life, and he's Zeynep.

Utku Ateş as Rehber Sinan
He is also a Black Sea, but has been guiding tourists in the Aegean for a long time... Living in the Aegean, the Name of the Black Sea a little while the time comes to the Black Sea...

Uğur Demirpehlivan as Sevim Üzum
Ashraf's curious wife. You're not in town, you're not going to be asked. Melahat is the biggest problem...

Hakan Bilgin as Nuri Pekyaman
He's the mayor of town. He dedides himself to politics and the town by never marrying for his love.

Bengi Öztürk as Hatce Kasapoglu
The butcher is Ibo's greengrocer's wife. Hale's mother... Moving Ibo on his finger is his greatest pastime.

Mustafa Şen as Ibo Kasapoglu
The butcher of the town, a.k.a. Ibo. Manav Hatçe's husband, Hale's father... His only goal in life is to make his wife Hatçe happy.

Cem Cücenoğlu as Bekir Kuru
Oya's husband is Ashrafcan's father. Besides playing keyboards in the tea garden, he makes constant attempts to be rich.

Buse Meral as Derya Çinar
Melahat's daughter, Deniz's sister. Preparing for university... Fly, mind five in the air... He's from the Black Sea family who moved to town.

Celal Öztürk as Ömer Gerginoglu
Şevket's romantic son... Poetry is everything to him... In this newly moved Aegean town, it is more connected to life than ever before... He's popular with his poems.

Ali Akdal as Ahmet Tutuncu
The town's fisherman, a friend of the Sea. Madly in love with Zehra... But it can't be opened.

Emir Ali Dogrul as Esrefcan Kuru
Get the news from the kid. Oya and Bekir's naughty sons. You can't see anything.

Asya Kasap as İpek Parlak
She's one of the young people of town. Mert's twin brother can barely get along. He always takes care of himself. Beauty is number one for him. He's in love with Kerem. He'll do everything he can to make Kerem realize himself.

Berke Acar as Mert Parlak
Ipek's twin brother... He always manages to show himself with his jokes.


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